Ellen Pompeo Net Worth: How Much She Earned From Grey’s Anatomy?

American actress Ellen Pompeo is most well-known for playing Meredith Grey in the ABC medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy.” So. let’s have a look into Ellen Pompeo Net Worth and much more about her.

Ellen Pompeo Net Worth

Ellen Pompeo Net Worth is $80 Million curently. Ellen became one of the highest-paid actresses in the world thanks to her role as Meredith Grey. Because of the role’s $575,000 per-episode compensation PLUS syndication rights and earnings, she makes about $20 million a year.

Pompeo earned an estimated $23.5 million in 2018, making her the third-highest-paid actress overall and the fifth-highest-paid actor according to Forbes.

In Everett, Massachusetts, on November 10, 1969, Ellen Kathleen Pompeo was born. Her parents, Joseph and Kathleen Pompeo, raised her in the Catholic faith. Sadly, when Ellen was just five years old, her mother overdosed on painkillers and died at age 33. Soon after, her father got remarried. The youngest of five children—three sisters and two brothers—is Ellen.

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Ellen Pompeo’s Salary From Grey’s Anatomy

Ellen Pompeo made a total of $300,000 each episode in seasons 11 and 12, or around $7.5 million annually. She made $350,000 per episode in seasons 13 and 14, or around $8.7 million annually.

Ellen Pompeo's Salary From Grey's Anatomy

She had no backend equity points in the show at this moment. Ellen started contract talks after the 14th season concluded. Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Grey, was contacted by Ellen for bargaining tips. Shonda said to her:

“Decide what you believe yourself to be worth, and then demand what you believe yourself to be worth. Nobody will just hand it to you.”

When the talks were finished, Ellen left with a pay raise to $575,000 per episode. Her compensation for a single season increased to $14.4 million as a result. But there’s more! Additionally, she received two backside percentage points from the show’s income through syndication.

That earns Ellen an extra $6-7 million each year. Starting with season 15, Ellen would make slightly more than $20 million overall for “Grey’s Anatomy.”

But even so, there’s more! A producer credit on upcoming Grey’s spinoffs and pilot obligations for her production firm are also included in Ellen’s new contract. The star’s involvement on the TV show has been reduced for the first time for season 19. Pompeo plans to stay on as the show’s executive producer and keep doing her distinctive voiceovers.

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