When We Can Expect Escape From Tarkov On Console? Is It Happening Soon?

Since its 2017 beta release, the video game Escape From Tarkov has only been available on PC. Since its release more than five years ago, it has exponentially increased in both popularity and online presence, and today, console players anxious to play the game are always wondering, “Will Escape From Tarkov come to console platforms?”

Is Escape From Tarkov Too Complicated For Consoles?

Escape From Tarkov has been gaining popularity for years, though not necessarily for the best reasons. There are several issues with the game’s core, such the fact that cheaters are almost always present on the platform, which is the developer’s worst nightmare.

Additionally, it’s one of the most harsh and punishing video games ever created, so many new, unintentional players find themselves quitting soon after buying it.

Unfortunately, the game’s complexity goes far beyond the fundamental principles of the platform. Escape From Tarkov is a borderline milsim game that emphasizes extremely realistic movement and fighting elements. As a result, there may not be enough buttons on a contemporary controller to accommodate all of the game’s input requirements.

The main obstacle to someone purchasing Escape From Tarkov on a PlayStation 5, for instance, is that. Although a keyboard and mouse setup can be used on the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 platforms, not many players have actually embraced the functionality.

You can see the intensity of the game Escape From Tarkov in the below video.

The pace, looting mechanics, and even the UI of Escape From Tarkov aren’t designed to be utilized with a controller, so that’s not the only problem. Tarkov requires complicated, third-party software to be employed in order for players to explore with a controller, and even then, the experience is far from ideal.

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Ultimately, Nikita Buyanov, the studio lead at Battlestate Games, the company that created Escape From Tarkov, gave a partial response to the question of whether the game would be released on a console in 2021.

And that response?


Is It Possible To Have Escape From Tarkov On Console?

Escape From Tarkov’s studio head, Nikita Buyanov, revealed during a podcast session about the game’s future that the creators are looking into console-based possibilities for the brutal PvPvE experience. Although it was only a passing remark, it did demonstrate intention.

Is It Possible To Have Escape From Tarkov On Console?

Coincidentally, Buyanov did make another casual remark about the plans for Escape From Tarkov to be on console platforms a year before the podcast episode aired.

We’ve already discussed the obstacles that would prevent Escape From Tarkov from being released on Xbox or PlayStation platforms, but Battlestate Games appears to have a strategy in mind to get around those restrictions.

Most likely, the developer would create a “lite” version of Escape From Tarkov that includes the majority of the game’s core elements while also being more user-friendly and playable in its entirety using a gamepad. Since an Escape From Tarkov crossplay mechanic would never make sense, it would almost certainly be a console-only game.

Escape From Tarkov’s creators have made a lot of effort to keep the platform updated as its popularity has grown quickly. It’s anticipated that ‘Escape From Tarkov ARENA’ would launch a beta phase in 2023, bringing a solo experience to the ecosystem that includes more traditional multiplayer options.

The idea of Escape From Tarkov on consoles might materialize once the current roadmap has been clarified.

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