Evil West New Game Plus: is New Game Plus Available in the Evil West?

If you are currently playing Evil West, you might be interested in whether the game features a New Game Plus mode. After all, it is disheartening to work on improving your character for a long time just to find out that, once the game ends, you will not be able to continue your journey with the items and abilities you have accumulated over the course of your trip.

Jesse Rentier’s arsenal is continually expanded with new firearms and skills as the player progresses through Evil West, and there are also a great variety of upgrades that can be purchased by the player. After you have successfully completed the game, will you be able to return to the action immediately?

Evil West New Game Plus

Indeed, a New Game Plus option is available in Evil West. After the final boss is defeated, a final cutscene is viewed, and the credits are completed, the player is returned to the game’s main menu. There’s a button-up top that allows you to restart the game with all of your previous progress intact. Wait, what else is there to see here?

Many games have more and increasingly difficult enemies of varying types. From what I’ve seen in New Game Plus, it doesn’t look like Evil West does anything different. However, cash pickups have reappeared, so you can keep collecting them and leveling up Jesse. Unfortunately, you’ll face the same foes in the same numbers as previously.

Evil West New Game Plus

However, the challenge may consistently be increased, which is always welcome. Replaying the game with all the weapons unlocked will allow you to destroy anything in your way easily. It’s frustrating that there are no additional game types, but at least we’re getting something. The final major action game from Flying Wild Hog required a New Game Plus patch after release: Shadow Warrior 3.

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Is New Game Plus Available in the Evil West?

If you’re feeling very evil, you may always begin afresh in Evil West. It’s standard practice for games to return the player to the main menu when the last boss has been defeated, the final cutscene has been seen, and the credits have been completed. It’s possible to start over in the game at any time by pressing the “Restart” button at the top.

So, what else can we expect from this? More adversaries of a higher quality must be vanquished. My playthrough of New Game Plus has led me to believe that Evil West has no effect. Fortunately, cash picks keep popping up, so you may keep boosting Jesse’s attributes and skills with the money you earn. There will, however, be just as many of your previous adversaries to contend with.

However, the fact that the level of challenge may be adjusted at any time is a great addition. Once you’ve acquired the game’s weaponry, you can replay the campaign and wipe out every enemy in your path. This isn’t very enjoyable and doesn’t have any more modes, but it’s better than nothing. As the third and final big action game from Flying Wild Hog, Shadow Warrior 3 also received a New Game Plus patch after its initial release.

Evil West Game Length – How Long to Beat

According to Flying Wild Hog, who was interviewed by Xbox Dynasty, a normal playthrough of Evil West will take approximately 10-15 hours to complete. Due to the fact that the game is a level-based, linear adventure, you may anticipate spending about the same amount of time on each run through the game to acquire everything.

As you can see, this game is not too long, but it is still a good-sized experience overall. However, there are a lot of different difficulties, as well as a new game plus mode called Evil West, for you to waste your bullets on.

Since you are now aware of the length of the Evil West game as well as the amount of time it takes to complete, you are free to begin playing the game either on your own or with a friend in co-op mode. If you are interested in learning more about the game, you should check to see if you are able to play Evil West using Game Pass.

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