Fall Guys Season 2: Will It Premiere In September?

Fall Guys Season 2: Will It Premiere In September? The first season of Fall Guys, titled “Free for All,” has been airing for some time. Some players are looking forward to Season 2, while others are content to continue grinding the battle pass for the Among Us and Mecha Godzilla outfits.

While there isn’t much we know for sure about how the season will wrap up, we do know some fascinating elements that may help explain things. If you’re curious about Season 2 of Fall Guys and want to know more, read on for the premiere date, locations, and more information.

Fall Guys Season 2 Theme And Maps

This article elaborates on the leaks that have already suggested space as a significant focus. Yes, the new space-themed landscapes and costumes will have a very different vibe from the bright and cheery first season.

Some of the maps described in the spoilers are similar to those used in previous seasons, while others are very different. There’s a new racing map with a color-coded pathing system, an obstacle course you navigate on a hoverboard, and a hex-a-gone-styled climax, to name a few. To learn more about the many uncovered maps, watch the video provided below.

Fall Guys Season 2 Battle Pass And Cosmetics

Similar to the aforementioned information, Mediatonic has verified very little as of yet. However, those who enjoy secret information will be pleased to learn that there’s more to come! Many social media accounts, including those of popular streamers like FGPancake and Krxnky, have leaked the entirety of the Season 2 Battle Pass.

Multiple of the massive 200-level Battle Pass awards are space-themed, which fits with rumors that outer space will be the focus of this season. There is no shortage of space-themed goods, what with all the available alien outfits, android cats, and other novelty things.

Those anticipating group activities can rejoice as well. A Hatsune Miku outfit, alien skins, and Star Trek skins await your discovery as you progress over the pass.

You can download Fall Guys for Windows PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Android, and iOS from the game’s official website. Check out our Sweet Thieves Guardian and Thief Strategy Guides for more information.

Fall Guys Season 2 Battle Pass And Cosmetics

Fall Guys Season 2 Release Date

There has been no word forthcoming from Mediatonic confirming a release date for the second season of Fall Guys as of this moment. Although the initial estimate from fans was for the 29th of August, many people now believe that it will premiere on the 13th of September. This hypothesis is supported by a number of sources, including the Fall Guys Season Countdown and a number of videos found on YouTube. Despite this, there are no official trailers or social media updates available at this time that provide any additional information.

In addition, the most recent batch of seasonal shop items is only available for a period of two weeks, which leads one to believe that the holiday season will come to a close after these items are taken from the store. Fortunately, if things go according to plan this time around, Season 2 will start on the exact day that Season One will come to a close.

Fall Guys Season 2 Development

In January of 2018, while working on another project, Mediatonic conceived the idea that would become Fall Guys. It was reminiscent of Takeshi’s Castle and Total Wipeout, according to lead designer Joe Walsh. He then used this idea as the basis for a pitch for the show that would eventually become Fall Guys. Walsh’s original idea involved a 100-person battle royale comprised of several physical tasks and was called Fools’ Gauntlet. Although at first creative director Jeff Tanton was sceptical that another battle royale game would be successful, he was immediately convinced of the game’s potential and forwarded Walsh’s pitch to Mediatonic’s founders.

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