Far Cry 6 New Game Plus: is There a Far Cry 6 New Game Plus Mode?

The following two weeks will be monumental for Far Cry 6, with a massive free update bringing a long-requested feature and a new alien-themed DLC release on December 6. The game’s sixth update was launched today, and its size varies from 15 GB to 40 GB, depending on the platform you’re playing on.

The most noticeable alteration is the addition of a “new game plus” mode, which lets you start a new game while retaining most of your weapons and equipment from the previous one. The further “completionist help” UI icon on the global map highlights the items and quests you’re missing from that region.

Far Cry 6 New Game Plus

After reading the description of the Lost Between Worlds expansion pack, which will become available on December 6th, I had the impression that someone was playing a cruel joke on me. Following the impact of a meteorite on Yara, you and a noncorporeal lifeform, which is most likely from another planet, will need to collaborate to mend the holes that have appeared in the fabric of reality. Please watch the video that has been supplied as it will provide some context.

Lost Between Worlds appears to be taking things to a new level, which is quite surprising given how much of a given it is for Far Cry downloadable material to go utterly off the rails. There will be 15 Rift trials accessible via the DLC (“beginning at €19.99” and included in the GOTY version), each of which will challenge players with their one-of-a-kind combination of platforming and combat challenges while pitting them against enemies made of crystal.

Far Cry 6 New Game Plus

In addition, you will be able to collect supernatural weapons that can be utilized throughout the regular gameplay. It should come as no surprise that a free sample for Far Cry 6 is currently available for download on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S consoles. This is because the game features a substantial amount of brand-new content.

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Is There a Far Cry 6 New Game Plus Mode?

Unfortunately, the answer is no; Far Cry 6 does not include a new game plus mode. After you have completed the primary storyline, you will be returned to the realm of Yara and allowed to meet any additional side content, such as Yaran Stories, Treasure Hunts, or the conquest of FND Bases and Checkpoints, at your own pace.

If you’re all Guerrilla’d out, another option for passing the timeless aggressively and more calmly is to go hunting for animals or fish and take some of those you capture. Even though Far Cry 6 does not include a New Game Plus mode, the game does have an Insurgency post-game mode.

This mode tasks you with accomplishing various objectives spread out around the landscape to prevent the military from rebuilding around Castillo’s legacy. You will be rewarded with multiple items and experience points when you complete these.

Lastly, you always have the option of engaging in Special Operations. These missions in Far Cry 6 were designed from the ground up just for co-op play, and they will reward you with Moneda that can be spent in the Black Market at your Spec Ops and Black Market base, which can be established in whichever camp you want.

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