Fashion Films for Fashionistas and Pro Feminists

As feminists, there are many movies that we don’t watch because of their problematic portrayals of women. However, there are many movies that make us proud as women because of how they give out the lessons of women’s empowerment or show us the true struggles and challenges of women.

The movies that we have discussed here are some of the most feminine movies of all time that not only give us major fashion inspiration but also teach us a lot as feminists about different aspects of feminism. From following our own hearts and ambitions to breaking common stereotypes following blonde women, these movies have everything a feminist wants to watch.

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The Devil Wears Prada

The protagonist of the movie The Devil Wears Prada is Andy (Anne Hathaway), a recent college graduate with big aspirations. When she finally finds work, it’s at the prestigious Runway magazine, where she eventually becomes the cunning editor of Miranda Priestly’s (Meryl Streep) secretary. Andy worries about her ability to survive her demanding tour as Miranda’s whipping girl without getting burned.

Well, we can say that the fashion game in this film was immaculate. When it comes to feminism in this movie, it is quite contradictory. However, if you dig deep, the two main characters give us really good messages about feminism in today’s world.

From Meryl Streep’s character, we learn that women in power or position are still not seen in the same way as men and are portrayed as evil, and on the other hand, from Andy’s character, we learn that building a career as a woman is still not as easy as it is for a man.

Miss Congeniality

When a terrorist threatens to bomb the Miss United States pageant, the FBI scrambles to find a female agent to masquerade as a contestant in the film Miss Congeniality. Unfortunately, Gracie is the only female FBI agent who can “look the part,” despite her complete lack of finesse and elegance. She loves being “just one of the fellas” and hates the idea of becoming a girlie Miss United States competitor.

The thing that will make any feminist fall in love with this movie is Gracie’s powerful character played by Sandra Bullock. Well, not only is her fashion game on point, but we see Gracie saving lives and also gaining back the confidence that she had lost when one of her missions had gone wrong. The key takeaway from this movie is that you can be absolutely strong-headed, an FBI agent, and also have your fashion on point.

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous

Gracie Hart never enjoyed having to discreetly masquerade as a contestant in a beauty pageant. Due to her waltz down the runway, FBI agent Gracie is currently dealing with a lot of media attention. Her new companion, Sam Fuller, is unimpressed by her unexpected celebrity partner. However, the two must put their differences aside when Cheryl Frasier, a friend of Gracie’s from her days as a beauty queen, goes missing and the FBI is contacted for assistance.

Well, as we discussed before, we love how Gracie takes her FBI vibes as well as fashion side by side. Part 2 of Miss Congeniality is as good as the first one. As feminists, we love how the circumstances turn Gracie from an angry and insecure woman to a confident and more accepting, and relaxed person.


Cher is a superficial, affluent protagonist in the movie Clueless. She is very popular at Beverly Hills high school. Cher, who considers herself to be a matchmaker, convinces two schoolteachers to begin dating right away. Motivated by her success, she decides to make Tai, a hopelessly awkward young kid, look better. When Tai starts to gain more popularity than Cher does, she realizes that her disapproving ex-stepbrother was right about how wrong she was, and then Cher starts to fall in love with him.

Clueless is the ultimate fashion film for a feminist, as it has several feminist and women-centric themes. Being a modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel Emma anyone would see it as feminist. Well, Jane Austen was one of the greatest feminist writers in the Victorian era, and we clearly see the feminist themes in this adaptation of one of her most famous works.

Cher follows her own heart and lives on her own terms despite looking like a daddy’s princess. In addition, while caring for everyone around her, Cher also constantly works for what she wants and follows her own ambitions, which we love as Jane Austen fans.

Legally Blonde

In the film Legally Blonde, Reese Witherspoon plays an affluent, stylish young woman named Elle Woods, who is destined for a career in fashion. Her happiness would be unmatched if she were to become Mrs. Warner Huntington III. The reason Warner has not proposed to her is that she is too blonde. In an effort to get Warner back, Elle gathers all of her riches and enrolls at Harvard.

Well, the thing we love about this movie is how effortlessly Elle brings color to the dull law school life and also breaks everyone’s expectations of her. While everyone sees her as a dumb blonde, she proves everyone wrong with her outstanding performance at school.

Final Thoughts

While many other movies have the same fashion and feminist themes, these movies are our absolute favorites because of all the reasons we have mentioned above. We hope you liked the list, and if you haven’t watched these movies yet, watch them now and enjoy.

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