First Oneplus Foldables Have Some Rather Boring Names

As a whole, the naming practices of tech companies are often derided as uninspired. Using a phone can be particularly problematic, as the result is often an incomprehensible string of digits and letters, perhaps followed by a few strange adjectives. To top it all off, OnePlus has now patented two names for its forthcoming foldable phones, both of which sound eerily identical.

The Chinese tech firm OnePlus has trademarked the names OnePlus V Fold and OnePlus V Flip for its upcoming foldable smartphones, which are nearly identical to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip (as spotted by Mukul Sharma). However, at least the letter “V” is more suggestive of how phones fold than the word “Z,” so at least the branding isn’t completely devoid of imagination.

While we should never take hearsay at face value, OnePlus’s trademarking of these names suggests that the company may soon release not one but two foldable smartphones. Taking Samsung’s naming practices into account, one of these devices may have the form factor of a clamshell flip phone, while the other may have a tablet-sized screen that folds down into a phone form factor.

Mukul Sharma, the whistleblower who originally shared these trademark applications, also claims that testing of at least one of the foldable smartphones has already begun in multiple areas, including Europe.

Perhaps there has been a paradigm shift in CEO Pete Lau’s view of the technology’s maturity, or perhaps the company simply wants to diversify its offerings. While few specifics are now available, the business did release teaser photographs of a sophisticated hinge late last year.

Meanwhile, excitement is building for OnePlus’s upcoming February 7 event, where the new OnePlus 11 and 11R, the long-rumored OnePlus Pad, and the second-generation Buds Pro are all scheduled to be unveiled.

Because of the lack of information in the weeks running up to the tablet’s official release date, it comes as something of a shock. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that additional information regarding these foldable becomes available soon.

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