George Farmer Net Worth 2022: Is He Selling His Company Parler To Kanye West?

On the surface, it could appear that being from a royal family would seriously impede one’s ability to succeed in business. George Farmer, a businessman from the UK, has earned a net worth of $180 million; however, only a small portion of that income is said to be attributable to his royal heritage.

Let’s follow his path because it is clear that it is not the conventional businessman’s path. It has an unexpectedly large number of twists and turns, but he has managed to establish himself as a political force in the UK.

Early Life

The Farmer family was British royalty, and George Farmer was born there in 1989. His father, Lord Michael Farmer, formerly held the position of treasurer for the Conservative Party, and a large portion of the Farmer family fortune was derived from his father’s knowledge of the copper industry.

However, it had no impact on Farmer’s upbringing. His parents both had prosperous careers, and as he grew up, his intelligence and work ethic immediately stood out.

Farmer afterward pursued a degree in business management and launched a number of businesses using the funds he had accumulated from his royal heritage.

Success in Business

Farmer’s choice to start the Red Kite group, a copper production company, was his most prosperous business endeavor. Going into the family business was a wise choice given how expensive copper has become, and it resulted in enormous success in the company’s first two years of operation.

Farmer, though, wasn’t content with being just a copper tycoon. He entered the hedge fund industry in a rather unusual way, and his investments there were profitable as well. Farmer entered the real estate market as well, and he purchased a number of profitable properties. When it comes to investing, he undoubtedly has a magical touch, and it appears that his net worth will continue to grow over time.

A Political Turnabout

Farmer has been a successful businessman, but his transition into politics is what really made him famous. Ironically, Farmer’s entrance into politics was facilitated by his marriage. Farmer was encouraged to back Trump as the events of his improbable candidacy developed by right-wing activist Candace Owens, a longtime Trump supporter who he married.

George Farmer

Many black activists have mocked Owens for her support of Trump, but her commitment to conservative Republican principles has persisted throughout the marriage. Farmer has taken some interesting turns, but his participation with the American social media app Parler is one that stands out.

Farmer took over as the app’s CEO in 2018. The app, which provides microblogging services, had over 20 million active users at one point and was closely linked with Trump supporters.

Farmer has maintained his prominence as a supporter of the former president thanks to his role as CEO of Parler. Trump has since moved on to build his own social media site, Truth Social.

Personal Life

Additionally, Owens and Farmer have begun a family. She made her pregnancy announcement in 2020, and she gave birth to a boy in early 2021. However, it doesn’t appear like the rigors of having a family have slowed them down politically, and Farmer’s commercial holdings are still solid.

Is He Selling His Company Parler To Kanye West?

Ye, Kanye West’s new identity, revealed on October 17 that he had purchased Parler for an undisclosed sum. Following Ye’s suspension from Twitter for making anti-Semitic messages just days after having his account restored, this action was taken.

Ye stated in a statement, “We have to make sure we have the right to openly express ourselves in a world where conservative beliefs are thought to be contentious.

The relationship with Ye “ensures Parler a future role in developing an unstoppable environment where all opinions are welcome,” according to a statement from Parler. Farmer asserted that Ye’s promise to take over the platform will strengthen the app’s commitment to free expression.

Farmer posted a statement on the company’s Twitter account saying, “Ye is making a pioneering leap into the free speech media realm and will never have to fear being taken from social media again.”

George Farmer Net Worth

George Farmer Net Worth is estimated to be around $180 Million in 2022. He was named the CEO of Parler in 2018, and since then, he has played a significant role in formulating the brand’s growth strategy.

Farmer’s father, Michael Farmer, Baron Farmer, is a member of the British House of Lords, so he was constantly exposed to business strategies as he was growing up. He is a British businessman and the previous Conservative Party treasurer. Farmer has helped his father with a number of projects over the years while also ensuring that he may advance his own profession.

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