Get Your Hands On A Russian-style Administration If You Want. Trump’s Lies Will Continue To Be Fed To You

Lies are destructive. Hitler lied about Jews, inflamed anti-Semitism, controlled the media, garnered public support, and sparked World War II.

In other words, Donald Trump is a liar. Withholding cash from Ukraine in an attempt to pressure Zelensky into probing Biden’s sons, he lied about Soviet influence in his election. He keeps on lying and claiming that the election was rigged. In an attempt to reverse the results, he lied about his attempts to coerce or change election officials. He lied about his efforts to get Pence to throw out vote counts, and he lied about initiating the Capitol rebellion, which he claimed he was behind.

Truth, honesty, and decency are essential for a functioning democracy, and I bring this up because the democratic process cannot function without them. There are still more than 40% of those who back Trump despite his tyrannical behaviour.

Democracy vs. authoritarianism is being played out in Ukraine right now. As Putin asserts, he invaded Ukraine to eliminate the Nazis. Putin lies. He makes false statements about Ukraine’s ability to produce biological and chemical weapons, paving the way for him to use them in the future. In a tragic twist of events, Putin has the support of another another anti-democracy powerhouse, China. Because they are hostile to democratic institutions, these two countries are looking for ways to undermine the United States by exploiting our openness to deceit.

Autocrats and conspiracy theorists have done a lot of damage to the free press, but it is still our best hope for getting to the truth, despite the attacks. Let us arm ourselves with knowledge so that we can make sound judgments about the world around us.

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