Ghosts Season 4: Everything You Need To Know

Ghosts Season 4: Is It Premiering Super Soon? You may breathe a little easier now that season four of the BBC One comedy Ghosts has been officially announced. A fifth season has yet to be confirmed, in contrast to series 2 and 3, which were announced at the same time.)

On the Distraction Pieces podcast, Katy Wix, who plays Mary, revealed the continuation of the show. During the discussion of her writing process, Wix casually revealed the news:

What do you mean by ‘ghosts’? Getting into trouble is the last thing I want to do. In the past, I’ve gotten in trouble for announcing things that hadn’t been officially revealed. That begins in January,” he continues.

A familiar shot of Button house with the comment “Hello old thing” marked the start of filming for co-writer Jim Howick, who also plays Pat Butcher. Series 4 begins rehearsals this week.

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According to the cast, filming on Season 4 has been completed. Martha Howe-Douglas, the show’s writer and star, tweeted on March 11th: “S4 of #BBCGhosts is complete! The entire cast and staff of the show deserve a huge round of applause for their tremendous efforts in making it what it is. I’m very grateful to have this as a job, and I can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to when Button House reopens!”

During the announcement of the renewal, Ghost producers said: “Our fourth season at Button House is a dream come true. A new set of interesting stories is in the works, and we can’t wait to share them with you.”

In addition, Jon Petrie, Director of Comedy, stated: “Series 4 of Button House will be a welcome comeback for all of us. We’re thrilled to be working with the cast and creators of Ghosts and Monumental (Television), who never fail to offer a flawless combination of enormous laughs and a lot of heart in their shows.”

So if you’re eager to learn more about the people of Button House’s sometimes humorous, sometimes heartbreaking existence, keep reading.

Ghosts Season 4 Plot/Story

Alison rediscovered her “long lost sister” Lucy in season 3. Lucy’s story unravels in the final episode with Alison’s money at stake. This ended the plot. Alison and Mike will conduct community services and weddings at Button House next season.

We’ll also learn about ghosts’ lives (and, more importantly, deaths). Robin’s life, Kitty’s death, and more are still unexplored.
Ritchie told Digital Spy, “We discovered Kitty’s biography, but not how she died. We know the Captain’s backstory, but not how he died. I hope we never see Mary’s death because it’s too horrible.”

“The writing team has been bottling up tale ideas,” Ghosts co-creator Laurence Rickard told RadioTimes.

Mathew Baynton teased season four to Digital Spy “Once the remaining secrets are solved, it will be sadness.

“So we’re releasing things slowly, which I hope is fun for the audience. The next series has an additional backstory.

I guess you’ll find out about one of the strange deaths, but there will be others.

BBC has teased season 4 details. “In season four, Button House’s gatehouse is open. Can Alison and Mike run a successful B&B, or will spirits interfere?”

Ghosts Season 4 Cast

The regular cast will return. Mathew Baynton, Simon Farnaby, Martha Howe-Douglas, Jim Howick, Laurence Rickard, and Ben Willbond previously worked on Yonderland, Bill, and Horrible Histories together. Lolly Adefope and Katy Wix also star.

Alison (Charlotte Ritchie) and Mike (Kiell Smith-Bynoe), Button House’s owners, will return. We hope to meet Barclay and Bunny Beg-Chetwynde outside (Geoff McGivern and Sophie Thompson). Jennifer Saunders (Absolutely Fabulous) guest starred as Fanny’s mother in the Christmas special and may return if we continued Fanny’s story.

Charlotte Ritchie told Digital Spy: “Heaven! Funny! Everyone’s hilarious. Every actor is a genius… I’m really thankful for it.” She also gave a filming update in March. She told me what to watch, “I’m delighted for people to see the new series.” “I sometimes think about Pat or Kitty when doing a scene. I’ve imagined them.”

Ritchie has been busy filming Ghosts season 4 and Netflix’s You in London this spring (including at Royal Holloway, University of London, where Surrey Live reported that students posted videos). She has a role in Wonka, the Charlie And The Chocolate Factory prequel, alongside Timothée Chalamet, Olivia Colman, and her Ghosts costars Simon Farnaby (who cowrote Wonka with Paddington’s Paul King) and Mathew Baynton.

Farnaby, Baynton, Martha Howe-Douglas, Jim Howick, Laurence Rickard, and Ben Willbond are all executive producers on the US version of Ghosts, which has a New York couple inheriting a country house and the ghosts inside (including hippie Susan, who died trying to befriend a wild bear, and Viking Thorfinn, who died of a lightning strike and is modeled on the British Ghosts’ Robi).

The US version has been renewed.

Ghosts Season 4 Cast
Ghosts Season 4 Cast

Ghosts Season 4 Release Date

The BBC has not yet set a date for the show’s broadcast. Assuming it follows the same schedule as past seasons, we should expect to see the show premiere in August or September of 2022.

All of the previous seasons and specials are also available for viewing.

Ghosts Season 4 Trailer

No trailer has been released yet, but a commercial for the upcoming fourth season may air in the early months of summer 2022.

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