Gigafactory Tesla Texas Produces 4,000 Cars Every Week, Yet It Is Still Behind Berlin In Production

Despite reaching a new production milestone of 4,000 vehicles per week, the Tesla Gigafactory Texas is still lagging behind the Gigafactory Berlin in their friendly production ramp-up race.

The automaker has been bringing into volume production at the same time two significant plants, the Gigafactories in Texas and Berlin.

It caused the two to engage in friendly competition.

The standard target for Tesla when ramping up a new vehicle to volume production at a new factory is 5,000 units per week.

5,000 Model Y automobiles were created by Gigafactory Berlin in a single week last month, helping them to reach their goal.

Tesla hadn’t updated the manufacturing rate since December, and Gigafactory Texas was only known to be producing 3,000 Model Y cars per week at the time.

Tesla revealed today that the Gigafactory Texas has reached a weekly manufacturing rate of 4,000 units:

As a result, the Tesla manufacturing in Austin is lagging behind its German counterparts.

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Yet, the issues that Gigafactory Texas and Gigafactory Berlin are dealing with are distinct.

The main distinction is that certain of the vehicles made at the Gigafactory Texas include Tesla’s 4680 battery cells, enabling the novel “structural battery pack” chassis design.

Tesla is known to have experienced difficulties ramping up manufacturing of the 4680 cells, as we previously reported. Although Tesla has adjusted by making some Model Y vehicles with 2170 battery cells as it does at other facilities, it is reported to be having an impact on production at the factory.

With the current manufacturing pace, Tesla is getting closer to reaching its target of producing 2 million vehicles this year.

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