Gladys Ricart Death: Who Was Gladys Ricart’s Murderer?

The horrifying Gladys Ricart Death only days before her wedding is captured on frightening video. She was slain in her living room the morning before her ideal wedding to James Preston Jr. Let’s learn more about the passing of Gladys Ricart.

When Gladys was giving her bridesmaids bouquets, the murderer broke into her home, shot her, and then fled.

In the Investigation Discovery documentary “Primal Instinct: Red Wedding,” the horrible murder is shown, along with how the perpetrator was found and apprehended by authorities.

Gladys Ricart Death: How Did She Pass Away?

Gladys Ricart, a resident of Ridgefield, New Jersey, was ecstatic to wed James Preston Jr., her soul match, at last.

Gladys Ricart, 39, was getting ready to enter the chapel on September 26, 1999, where she would exchange wedding vows.

She was prepared to give her bridesmaids flower bouquets and was all dressed up.

During the festivities, a late-forties man in a suit approached the front door and introduced himself as someone who wanted to wish Gladys well. The family members opened the door for him with little thought.

The mystery man shot the bride three times in front of her relatives before Gladys even realized who he was. He took a 38-caliber handgun out of the suitcase he was carrying after opening it.

What was revealed in Gladys Ricart’s autopsy report?

When Gladys slumped after being shot three times, witnesses immediately called the police. Although responders reached the Ricart home quickly, it was too late for the victim.

She was found shot to death on the living room floor, and an examination of her corpse revealed that this was the cause of death. The attacker, Augustin Garcia, was soon taken into custody.

Who was Gladys Ricart’s murderer?

As they phoned the police, witnesses who saw Gladys get shot three times dropped to the ground. The victim had already departed the Ricart residence when first responders arrived. She was found dead in a pool of blood on the living room floor, and an examination revealed that she had been shot.

Augustin Garcia, who was the attacker, was quickly caught. Gladys and Garcia split up months before the murder, according to the episode, when the bride-to-be learned her ex was having an extramarital affair.

Garcia, on the other hand, struggled to get over his ex and was upset that she was getting married so soon. Envy-driven Garcia acquired a firearm and made the dreadful choice to ruin Gladys’ special day.

Augustin Garcia was positively identified by witnesses as being present at the crime scene, and authorities already had the murder weapon in their possession.

Currently, where is Augustin Garcia?

Augustin Garcia claimed he was temporarily insane after being surprised by Gladys’ wedding ceremony when he was finally brought to court. Garcia was found guilty of first-degree murder despite the jury’s inability to reach a consensus.

Gladys Ricart DeathSource: The Cinemaholic

As a result, he received a life sentence in prison, with a minimum of 30 years until his 2002 release. Since then, Garcia has made fruitless attempts to get his conviction overturned. He is still incarcerated in New Jersey for this reason, and he won’t be eligible for release until 2029.

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