Good Morning Call Season 3: Everything You Need To Know!

Good Morning Call Season 3: Cast, Plot, Release Date And More! The Good Morning Call is a Japanese manga series that ran in the monthly periodical Ribbon from 1997 to 2002. A narrative episode has been converted into an OVA. In December of 2019, eighteen sections were released. The plays were written by Yue Takasuka and published by Shueisha under the title Robin. In September 1997, 11 volumes of the story Manga were published.

Initial animation for the drama debuted in August 2001. Fuji TV Japan and Netflix worldwide co-produced a live-action television drama adaptation. The manga story takes place in Tokyo and follows the protagonist through high school and college. From February to June of 2016, the first season of Good Morning Call was available on Netflix via Fuji TV in Japan. The premiere of the second season occurred in September of 2017. The greeting for our campus days is “Good morning.” According to the media, the production team is now deliberating Good Morning Call’s third season. To learn more about the third season, continue reading the article.

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In season 2, Nao and Hisashi are depicted as university students. There is a chance that season 3 may feature a unique emotional premise. Since the series’ viewers are eagerly awaiting Season 3 announcements, they are eagerly awaiting Season 3 updates. If Netflix renews Good Morning Call for a third season, we can expect it in 2022.

Good Morning Call Season 3 Plot/Story

The good-morning call is entirely focused on the charming and attractive personalities that appear in it. The Tokyo location has received a good morning call. The two main protagonists of the series, Nao and Hisashi, have a love-hate relationship that serves as the backdrop for the events of the plot. They are both flatmates in the same apartment in Tokyo. Both of them live there together. At first glance, Nao appears to be distinct from Hisashi, who is attractive and well-liked. She quickly begins to have feelings for him.

This lovely romantic romance begins when Nao’s parents relocate to the countryside to manage the family farm. After graduating from school, she moved into the Tokyo apartment of her dreams. When she met a good-looking student, who also happens to be her flatmate, her happiness and enjoyment in the apartment quickly turned to annoyance. Realizing that their rental payments are too high, they wait for another choice to become available. Nao develops feelings for Hisashi, and then Hisashi develops feelings for Nao.

Hisashi’s romance continues, but age and maturity provide new obstacles. They find it harder and harder to spend time together. When the relationship ultimately becomes strained, they separate. Nao attempts to reinvent herself, while the other characters in the drama serve as supporting cast members for the blossoming romance between Nao and Hisashi. The Good morning calls series is a romantic comedy-drama that has 7.79 percent positive ratings on IMDB. Nao develops a love for him despite the fact that he still has a crush on her.

Good Morning Call Season 3 Cast

Haruka Fukuhara portrayed Nao Yoshikawa, Shun’ya Shiraishi portrayed Hisashi Uehara, Moe Arai portrayed Marina Konno, Shugo Nagashima portrayed Yuichi Mitsuishi, Kentaro Ito portrayed Issei Sata, Koya Nagasawa portrayed Jun Abe and others.

Good Morning Call Season 3 Cast
Good Morning Call Season 3 Cast

Good Morning Call Season 3 Release Date

The series debuted on Netflix in February 2016 and ran through June 2016. The second season, titled Good Morning, call our campus days, premiered in September 2017, one year after the first. There are ongoing discussions for the third season. There is no additional information regarding season 3 of the Good morning call. As a result, people anticipate something novel and revitalizing for the upcoming season. Nonetheless, fans should not lose hope because another season is approaching.

Season 3 of Good Morning Call is one of the best seasons in practically every Japanese Shojo manga series. You should know that Yue Talasuka has been released and aired this season. So that it is also the best Manga program to gain plenty of admirers and success.

The third season of the live-action, extremely intriguing film television series Good Morning Call. This series will be available on Netflix and another app used by the Japanese, Fuji Tv; it is also a teenage movie program that you can watch and enjoy.

Good Morning Call Season 3 Trailer

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