Hilary Farr Net Worth 2022: What happened To Hilary On ‘Love It Or List It’ Show?

Hilary Elizabeth Farr is a British-Canadian designer, businesswoman, TV host, and former actress. She was born Hilary Elizabeth Labow on August 31, 1951. She is known as the co-host of Love It or List It with David Visentin on HGTV and the W Network.

Farr was born in Toronto and grew up in London. She started her career in Los Angeles as a home renovator and also designed sets for movies and TV shows. During this time, she sometimes worked as an actress. She had small parts in movies like The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), City on Fire (1979), and The Return of the Jedi (1983).

Early Life

Farr was born on August 31, 1951, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to a British mother and a Canadian father. Her mother was an Anglican and a member of the Church of England, and her father was Jewish. Farr was raised celebrating both Jewish and Christian religious traditions.

Farr grew up in London, where she went to the Royal Ballet School until she was 11. She wanted to be a ballerina, and she was introduced to interior design when she helped her mother decorate the house where she grew up.


Farr started her career in Los Angeles, where she bought and fixed up homes and worked as a set designer for movies and TV shows. Under the name Hilary Labow, Farr had small roles in Layout for 5 Models (1972), Sex Farm (1973), Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width (1973), Legend of the Werewolf (1975), The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), City on Fire (1979), and The Return (1980). She also sang in Grease, which ran in London in 1973. She had small roles in sitcoms at the start of the 1980s.

Farr designed and remodeled homes in Australia, the UK, California, New York, and later Toronto. She fixed up the homes of famous people, like Jenna Elfman and Jennifer Hudson, both of whom live in Chicago.

After getting a divorce in 2008, Farr moved back to Toronto. She was hired by the W Network, Big Coat Productions, and Corus Entertainment to co-host Love It or List It with David Visentin. Both HGTV and W Network showed the show. In Spain, the show was shown on Divinity with two different soundtracks.

Farr was also a judge for the 2010 Search for the Next W Expert on W Network. In 2011, she showed up at the Canadian International Interior Design Show, which was held in Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver. She has also been a guest on The Marilyn Denis Show and writes for the Huffington Post regularly. Also, read about Fred DeLuca

In June 2014, Farr was a guest and design expert at the Art Van Furniture convention in Orland Park and Chicago, Illinois. Amy Tara Koch, who writes for CNN and USA Today, was also there.

Hilary Farr

Personal Life

In 1982, Farr got married to the Canadian TV producer Gordon Farr. On March 7, 1983, she gave birth to their son Joshua in Los Angeles. In 2008, the couple split up. Farr has said that saving animals is one of her passions, and in 2017 she volunteered in Nairobi with a group that helps take care of orphaned elephants.

Farr told the public for the first time in December 2021 that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 and had been treated for it. In 2012, she was told she had a precancerous tumor, which was taken out by surgery. After that, a mammogram showed that Farr had developed cancerous breast tissue. She had radiation therapy and more surgery, but as of 2022, her cancer has gone into remission.

What happened To Hilary On ‘Love It Or List It’ Show?

“I might have died.” In 2015, Farr went through 28 days of radiation treatment. After that, doctors found another suspicious lump, which led to her third lumpectomy. She is no longer sick. Also, read about Cooper Manning

Hilary Farr Net Worth

Hilary Farr Net Worth is estimated to be around $8 Million in 2022. Farr played Malignicent in Ross Petty’s stage version of Sleeping Beauty at Toronto’s Elgin Theatre in 2016. (The character is usually called Maleficent, but for this production, she was given the name “Malignicent.”) Farr helped start Rules of Renovation in 2017. This is a series of real estate investment seminars for people who want to become investors.

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