Hotel Del Luna Season 2: Is There Currently Any Renewal For A Second Season?

Hotel Del Luna Season 2: Is There Currently Any Renewal For A Second Season? A gloomy fantasy The Hotel Luna The Hong sisters penned the script for the South Korean television series produced by Studio Dragon and directed by Oh Choong Hwan. TvN broadcast the season’s sixteen episodes of the drama Hotel del Luna.

Also, within a short time, it was available with English subtitles on Netflix, Viki, and We TV, among other networks. In addition, it occupies the eleventh position in the global drama rankings. It was certainly appealing to fans of Korean dramas. Soon, Season 2 will be broadcast with a new plot and cast.

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Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Plot

At the end of the season, the Mago the God in different forms makes Kim Soo-Hyun the new owner of the hotel. Also, there is a rumor that the hotel’s name changes to Hotel Blue Moon. In season 2, we see his life story about why he ended up in this ghost house?. What is his resentment of him and How his life will change into this are the plots to see in the upcoming season if it renews?

It tells the tale of a peculiar inn and a client staying in Hotel del Luna. In other words, the Moon’s guesthouse. The hotel is invisible to humans; it is a hotel for ghosts with unfinished business who come to fulfill their final wish and travel on to the afterlife. The proprietor of the hotel is Jang Man-Wol, whose spirit resides in a lifeless tree due to her extreme anger towards the world. Everyone in the hotel is a ghost, except for the hotel managers.

Gu Chan Sung arrives as the hotel’s final manager, changes Man-fate, Wol’s and falls in love with her. He learns all of her mysteries and secrets; his mission is to send Man-Wol and a longtime hotel guest to the afterlife without anger.

Man-Wol and Chan Sung share a bittersweet final moment; he sends all the guests and her to the afterlife. To conclude on a good note, though, the two begin a new life together.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Cast

As season 1 concludes with Kim Soo Hyun, we anticipate fresh faces in season 2. As the original owner, Kim Soo Hyun will be the main character of the upcoming series, while Yoo Jin-goo will play a guest role. There will be a large number of Kpop idols and more fascinating elements.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Cast
Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Cast

Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Release Date

The 16-episode first season of Hotel del Luna premiered in July 2019 to a larger audience than other Korean dramas. At the end of the chapter, a tale hint for the next narrative with a different cast is provided. There is currently no renewal for a second season, and the Hong sisters have acknowledged that the first season concluded the plot. As it was an international success and fans are seeking a second season, we may produce one. If any updates are made, we will notify you.

Neither the creators nor the network has confirmed a sequel. It has been nearly two years since the premiere of the first season. So fans are wary of a sequel. However, the conclusion of season 1 leaves open the possibility of a sequel. Since its premiere on Netflix, the show’s popularity has surged. If the show’s popularity exceeds Netflix’s projections, the streaming giant may produce a sequel.

Hotel Del Luna Season 1 Review (Recap)

The scene features IU portraying Jang man wool and Yeo Jingingoo as Gu Chanung. Jang Man Wool has inhabited the hotel for 1,300 years. Kim, a young woman who was previously sentenced to run the hotel to atone for the murders of many people, eventually softens after meeting Gu Chan-sung.

On Monday, August 21, Hotel Del Luna announced the appointment of Chan-sung Gu as the new general manager. He earned a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard and has been appointed as an associate director at one of Korea’s finest hotels.

Chan-sung is compelled to be the general manager of Hotel Del Luna since his father made a bargain with Jang Man-wol 21 years ago. The Hotel Del Luna is unlike any other hotel since it is run by supernatural entities that are unable to cross over into the afterlife due to unfinished business on Earth.

Kim Eun-young and Kim Woo-jin struggle to overcome the hotel’s financial issue, and as the challenges intensify, they rely on one another. However, following a time leap, they are reunited and have kept their commitment.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Trailer

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