How Did Cooper Noriega Die: What Did He Say About His Mental Health?

How Did Cooper Noriega Die: A great number of people’s lives have been changed as a result of the impact of social media. And once we begin to follow them, it is almost as if we are connected with the life that they are leading. In a similar vein, Cooper Noriega was a popular TikTok star who earned a lot of adoration from his audience. Unfortunately, he passed away on Thursday, June 9, 2022, just a few times after releasing a TikTok video talking about “dying young.”

The TikTok community was left with utter disbelief after hearing the news that he had been discovered dead in Burbank, California. A few days before he passed away, he even appeared on the podcast “BFF” which is produced by Barstool. He discussed his continuous battles with difficulties related to his mental health as well as his addictions.

Is it possible that this led to his demise? We have discovered the reality behind how Cooper Noriega passed away, but before we can go on to that, let’s get to know who he was.

How Did Cooper Noriega Die?

A 911 caller found Noriega unconscious in a mall parking lot outside Los Angeles, according to TMZ. The site stated that paramedics came shortly after but could not resuscitate him. An autopsy will be done despite no trauma or foul play. Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner online records initially investigated his cause of death. J-14 said alprazolam, fentanyl, and lorazepam killed him.

“Who else b thinking they gon [die] young af [sic],” Noriega wrote on TikTok hours before his death. Four days before, the young TikToker told his Instagram followers that he had been “struggling with addiction since he was 9 years old. Noriega’s caption asked followers to join his “Discord for mental health.”

The lengthy message said, “You may think that’s strange, but that’s the life I’ve been dealt. “I want to use my situation to create a space for mental illness awareness and normalization.” “Eventually build a rehab where individuals aren’t traumatized at the conclusion of their rehabilitation, and where the staff members are trustworthy people,” Noriega said.

“One of the many things I’ve discovered while fighting with addiction was that surrounding yourself with negative people can only pull you down,” he said. For that reason, this discord is aimed to bring us all together and offer a safe area where individuals may vent and aid others through challenging times.”

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Who is Cooper Noriega?

Cooper Noriega, who was 19 years old at the time, was a TikTok celebrity who had gathered more than 1.8 million admirers on the app. During this period, Noriega gained a lot of popularity. In 2019, he began using the app and almost quickly began to amass a following thanks to the humorous, skating, and lip-syncing videos that he shared on it.


After that, Noriega established a presence on YouTube, where he now has more than 56,000 subscribers to his channel. Additionally, he has more than 430,000 people following him on Instagram and more than 89,000 people following him on Twitter. On his Instagram account, which can be accessed through this link, Noriega has referred to himself as a fashion model.

What Did He Say About Mental Health?

Noriega frequently discussed his mental illness and substance abuse in an open forum online. Noriega revealed on Instagram that he had started a Discord server for individuals to discuss their mental health struggles in the days before his death. You may find it hard to believe, but he said online, “I’ve been suffering from addiction since I was nine years old.

To the extent that I am able, I hope to utilize my platform to encourage open discussion of mental health issues and help more people learn about the resources available to them. One day, I hope to start a rehab where patients leave feeling whole and safe, and where the staff members are respected members of the community.

Through my experience with addiction, I’ve learned that it’s not helpful to spend time with folks who are always down on you. Therefore, this disharmony is intended to unite us and provide a sanctuary where individuals can share their struggles and offer support to one another.
Noriega tweeted about his encounter with a near “overdose/suicide attempt” in January 2021, which ultimately led to his sobriety.

He clocked in at 90 days sober and wrote: “I feel great!” This journey has been challenging but rewarding, and it’s difficult to think that just four months ago I was at rock bottom, having overdosed and almost died on fent until someone miraculously discovered me in time.

The Cooper Noriega Cause Of Death – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What was the reason why Cooper Noriega passed away?

According to the findings of the coroner for Los Angeles County, Cooper Noriega passed away unexpectedly as a result of the additive effects of fentanyl, alprazolam, and lorazepam. Investigations conducted by toxicology discovered signs of recent clonazepam usage in addition to the drug overdose that had occurred.

2. What Exactly Occurred With Cooper Noriega?

On June 9, authorities discovered Cooper unresponsive in a shopping center parking lot just west of Los Angeles. Cooper was unable to be saved by the paramedics that responded to the site.

3. How old was Cooper Noriega? [What was his age?]

When he passed away, he was just 19 years old.

4. Can you tell me more about Cooper Noriega?

TikTok aficionado Cooper Noriega was a rising talent.

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