How Did George Harrison Die: Who Will Get His Property After His Death

How Did George Harrison Die: George Harrison passed away in 2001, leaving admirers absolutely startled and heartbroken; yet, the cause of the Beatles star’s passing is unknown. George Harrison was one of the four individuals that comprised the Beatles, and he is one of the two individuals who are no longer with us. In 1980, one of the band’s frontmen, John Lennon, passed away after being shot outside of his house.

The circumstances surrounding George Harrison’s passing, on the other hand, were somewhat unique. The Fatal Accident That Killed George Harrison, The musician George Harrison went suddenly when he was 58 years old. He was a member of the band The Beatles. But the manner in which George Harrison passed away remains a mystery to some individuals, thus we have provided this space for you to research George Harrison’s Cause of Death.

How Did George Harrison Die?

After a courageous and drawn-out struggle against cancer, George Harrison lost his fight with the disease and passed away on November 29, 2001, at the age of 58, at his home in Beverly Hills. The band The Beatles included him as a member at one point. After his recent contact with the other members of the Beatles, he went home to find himself surrounded by his family. This was the first time in a long time that this had happened.

In the beginning, George was given a diagnosis with lung cancer; in May of 2001, he revealed that he underwent surgery for this disease in order to treat it. The goal of the surgery was to eliminate lung cancer. George’s lung cancer was cured thanks to the operation that was performed. On the other hand, it became public knowledge in July of the same year that he was the patient receiving treatment for a brain tumor. The fact that he was receiving treatment for a brain tumor was one of the details that got out.

Sir Ringo Starr paid him a visit in Switzerland, where he was being treated for his illness, but he was forced to leave because his daughter was scheduled to have brain surgery. Following this, he returned to New York City for more treatment for his lung cancer before returning back to his home in Los Angeles.

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George Harrison Biography

English musician, singer, and producer George Harrison. Harrison, a significant figure in the development of music, rose to prominence as the band The Beatles’ main guitarist. He has been moved emotionally by music since he was a little child. He dedicated his life to spreading the word about what was then called “popular music.” It’s worth noting that Harrison employed music as a vehicle for spiritual advocacy.

He was a fervent lover of Indian culture and mystical traditions, and Hinduism was a great source of inspiration for him. The influence of Eastern music and instruments was obvious in most of his work. Even though Harrison worked with musical geniuses like McCartney and Lennon, he went on to achieve great success and critical acclaim on his own.


Although he had great success as a member of “The Beatles,” after going solo he developed into an influential spiritual songwriter with a wide range of melodic possibilities. To this day, many westerners still credit him for opening their minds to Eastern spirituality and music.

Who Will Get George Harrison’s Property After His Death?

Harrison’s bequest was made to Olivia and her children from a previous marriage. In addition, in 1969, Harrison donated $1 million to establish the George Harrison Fund for UNICEF. His wife Olivia and son Dhani established the Material World Charitable Foundation, which received a portion of his wealth. Not only does the foundation work to keep George Harrison’s memory alive, but it also gives to a wide variety of philanthropic projects.

As a result of his newfound wealth, George Harrison established the nonprofit organization The Material World Charitable Foundation in 1973. This organization’s mission is to promote global peace and prosperity via philanthropic endeavors that aid the disabled, underprivileged, and their families; protect natural ecosystems and endangered species; study alternative energy sources; and aid those in need.

Since its inception in 2001, the Material World Foundation has raised more than $20 million from philanthropic partners including Berkshire Hathaway and Microsoft. Losing George Harrison in 2001 was like losing a brother, as the Beatles were a tight-knit group. They all loved George Harrison like a brother, according to Paul McCartney, and they miss him terribly.

Whether or whether the Beatles would have achieved the same level of fame without George Harrison is difficult to say. The 1943-born musician’s death at age 58 in 1979 marked the end of his tenure with the band.

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