How Did Mike Tyson Lose His Daughter? Was She Adopted?

How Did Mike Tyson Lose His Daughter? Was She Adopted? The daughter of a former boxer who competed professionally was only four years old when she tragically lost her life after becoming entangled in a string or cord that hung from a treadmill.
Mike Tyson is the biological father of seven children, the youngest of whom, his daughter Exodus Tyson, passed away in a sad accident when she was just four years old.

Reports indicate that after the death of the child, Mike continued down an even more sinister course than he had before. It is said that he discussed the book of Exodus with Sol Xochitl. Even though they were not married, the couple had two children together: Exodus and Miguel, who was her older brother.

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How Did Mike Tyson Lose His Daughter?

The young girl and her mother were living together in the year 2009, the year that she passed away, while Mike was seeing Lakiha Spicer, the woman who would later become his wife. According to reports, Exodus died after becoming entangled in the rope or cord that hangs from a treadmill, which caused her to suffocate.

Her older brother was the one who discovered her; he then informed their mother, who then contacted 911. Xochitl gave her cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) until medical assistance arrived. Soon after that, Exodus was brought to the intensive care unit, but the doctors there were unable to save him, and he was pronounced dead the following day after the accident.

According to reports, “Mike Tyson: The Knockout” on ABC would show multiple perspectives of the boxing legend, whose life has been marred by a number of controversial events. Many people are curious about what happened to one of Tyson’s children after they passed away more than ten years ago, which coincides with the introduction of the second half of the television documentary series.

After an investigation, it was discovered that her passing was the tragic result of an accident, and nobody was to blame for what happened. But at that time, Mike claimed to have told Oprah Winfrey that he did not want to hear the specifics of how Exodus had passed away because he was afraid that it would force him to blame someone for Exodus’s passing, which would be very upsetting for that person.

After some time had passed, Mike gave an interview that was included in an episode of ‘Real Sports’ on HBO. During this interview, he admitted to using cocaine following the passing of his daughter. He also remembered a time when he worked in the pediatric intensive care unit and how, after witnessing the conditions of other parents whose children were dying, he began to question his very life. He claimed that once he was unable to come to terms with the passing of Exodus, he turned to do cocaine for a week.

A year ago, it was revealed that he had been training for his charity exhibition game against Roy Jones Jr, which was planned for November 28, 2020, at the Dignity Health Sports Park in California, despite the fact that he was retired. Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid’s “Good Morning Britain” show interviewed him at the time and he remarked, “I just want to do this, I plan on doing this for a charity” (inaudible). That’s my goal, and I believe I’m capable of achieving it.”

After that, he went on to Twitter and sent Morgan a message that began, “Hey mate… I had planned to stay up late for an interview, but I ended up falling asleep instead, and once I’m asleep, it’s quite difficult for me to get up. Working out diligently and getting to bed at a reasonable hour. Because there was no monitor, I was unable to see any of you, and I forgot to look into the camera.

Did Mike Tyson Lose His Daughter
Did Mike Tyson Lose His Daughter

That was met with the response from the broadcaster, “No problem, Champ. It was clear that you had been up all night! It was a pretty late hour in Los Angeles. Thank you for this message, as there were some viewers who were worried.”

Mike Graham, the host of Talk Radio, criticized Morgan for the interview. Asked Morgan, “Did you get this wrong?” He answered, “I’ll question him (Morgan) when I see him.” They had no idea what they were doing. I’m working with a team of producers right now…

Instead of putting him on, they would have said that he was unfit to be on the show because it would look like they were trying to make a big deal out of this and that they were the wrong type of journalists if they had seen his condition. This man is obviously unfit to appear on national television… At one point throughout the interview, his head seemed to be in a downward spiral.”

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