How Did Nolan Neal Die? Was He Just 41?

How Did Nolan Neal Die? Was He Just 41? A devastating setback. Nolan Neal, who was competing on America’s Got Talent season 15, has passed away. He was 41.

It was confirmed to Us Weekly on Tuesday, July 19, by the medical examiner’s office in Nashville, Tennessee, that the musician had been pronounced dead the day before; however, the medical examiner’s office does not yet know what caused the singer’s death. According to Neal’s cousin Dylan Seals, who spoke to TMZ about the incident, the TV personality was discovered comatose in his apartment in Nashville.

Neal had always been forthright about his difficulties with substance misuse throughout the years, up until the time of his passing. In July of 2020, he disclosed to WBIR that he had started drinking while competing on The Voice in 2016, despite the fact that he had been sober for ten years prior to his initial attempt at finding success on reality TV. Neal admitted that he had “sort of lost my way” while competing on The Voice and that he had continued drinking. “You are aware of it. I am able to perceive it.

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In spite of the fact that he was ousted during the Knockout phase of the eleventh season of the NBC series, the native of Tennessee tried again four years later on a different competition show, and this time he did so while entirely clean and sober. Neal expressed to the panel of judges on America’s Got Talent, which will air in the year 2020, that he hoped to “share a little part of my journey” with those who were watching from their homes when he was given the opportunity to compete on the show.

“When I was 26, everything was unfolding in the way I wanted it to, but my dad contacted me and told me he was going to take his life,” the “Lost” singer said at the time. He went on to mention that after his father passed away by suicide, he “felt like I didn’t matter that much.” I remember thinking something along the lines of, “Oh, I wasn’t significant enough for him to stick around.” I blamed myself.”

Neal channeled his energy into his music in spite of his loss, and as a result, he was able to secure a record deal. “I thought to myself, ‘This is it!'” And I went to town on the partying,” he went on to say. “Pretty soon, I became uncontrollable because I thought I was a rock star… I acted like I was above everyone else.” After the decision of the label to dump me, I moved back to Nashville, and my career continued to go downhill from there.

Nolan Neal Death Cause
Nolan Neal Death Cause

Neal made the decision to pursue his ambition once more after completing treatment for substance abuse and regaining his health and wellness. When asked about his beliefs at the time, he stated, “I genuinely do believe in fate, and it means the world to me to have this chance.” “I’m happy to be here today, sober, with a lot of clarity and concentration… I’m in good shape.

Neal sang an original song he had written called “Lost” for his audition for America’s Got Talent. He claimed that it was the first tune he had written after he had left rehabilitation. The judges were moved by his passionate performance, and he advanced to the semifinals of the competition before being dismissed from further consideration.

The former frontman for Hinder shared his prayer routine with WBIR in July 2020, shortly after being cast in the reality show. “I get up every day and ask for God’s will,” he said. “I discovered happiness by assisting others on their path to recovery. I discovered that I don’t need the things that I had always believed made me happy in order to be content.

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