How Old Was Betty White in Golden Girls: Who Was the Youngest Golden Girl? 

How Old Was Betty White in Golden Girls: Because of the many years she has spent working in the entertainment industry, Betty White is widely regarded as one of the most significant and popular actresses in history. This actress has been a part of numerous generations’ upbringings, and each generation is aware of the various stages that White’s career has progressed through.

Despite the fact that White has become a familiar face in multiple countries all over the world because of her work in numerous television programs, the part of Rose Nylund on Golden Girls is the one for which she is most known. Rose is arguably the most recognizable character from Betty White’s extensive career, and she always brought a genuine, endearing quality to every role she played.

How Old Was Betty White in Golden Girls?

Betty White played Rose Nylund in Golden Girls at 63, eight years older than her role. Dorothy Zbornak says Rose is 55 in Golden Girls season 1. Dorothy Zbornak, played by Bea Arthur, is never directly mentioned in the sitcom, but her mother Sophia Petrillo has given fans enough evidence to figure out her age. In the third season of Golden Girls, Sophia says Dorothy was conceived in 1931, and in the fourth, Dorothy says she’s a Leo.

Bea Arthur was 10 years older than Dorothy Zbornak, who was 53 when the show began in 1985. In season 2, the episode flashed back to Sophia Petrillo’s 50th birthday in 1956, revealing that she was 79. Estelle Getty, the eldest character, was a year younger than Betty White and Bea Arthur. Rue McClanahan, who played Blanche Devereaux, was 52 years old.

She was also the closest age to her role. Blanche’s efforts to hide her age are a constant gag in Golden Girls, forcing Rose to search government data. Rose discovers Blanche’s true age has been “removed by the Authority of the Governor.” Golden Girls’ distinctive humor and elderly women’s lifestyles appealed to generations of viewers.

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Who Was the Oldest Golden Girl?

Estelle Getty played Sophia Petrillo, the oldest Golden Girl. Sophia, Dorothy’s mother, went to Miami after the Shady Pines retirement home burned down. Sophia was around 79 when “The Golden Girls” began. Sicily is her birthplace. In the season two episode “Piece of Cake,” Sophia celebrates her 50th birthday in April 1956.

How Old Was Betty White in Golden Girls
How Old Was Betty White in Golden Girls

Sophia is 80–85 in the series. In “The Golden Palace,” Sophia is 87. Sophia is forthright, quick-witted, and loving.

Who Was the Youngest Golden Girl?

Blanche Devereaux, played by Rue McClanahan, is the youngest Golden Girl despite never disclosing her age. Blanche was just 17 years old in 1949, as shown in the third season’s “Mother’s Day” episode. Consequently, Blanche was probably around 53 years old when the sitcom premiered in 1985. She is between 53 and 60 years old throughout the show.

Blanche was born into affluence and spent her formative years in the Atlanta area before moving to Miami. Her husband George Devereaux predeceased the premiere of “The Golden Girls,” but she remained there until his passing. It’s been said that Blanche is the epitome of Southern sassiness, flirtatiousness, and extroversion. The whole cast of Golden Girls, from oldest to youngest

The ages of the Golden Girls, from oldest to youngest, were as follows:

  • Sophia Petrillo: between 80 to 85 years old
  • Rose Nylund: between 55 to 62 years old 
  • Dorothy Zbornak: between 54 to 61 years old
  • Blanche Devereaux: between 53 to 60 years old

Rose Nylund, played by Betty White, was 55 years old when the first episode of “The Golden Girls” aired. Rose is depicted as being charmingly naive and innocent, but fiercely ambitious. Bea Arthur’s Dorothy Zbornak, the show’s protagonist, was around 54 years old when it premiered.

Sophia discloses Dorothy’s conception year as 1931 in “Nothing to Fear, But Fear Itself,” an episode from Season 3. Dorothy reveals in a later episode (titled “Stan Takes a Wife”) that her astrological sign is Leo, which places her birthday somewhere in July or August. Dorothy is clever and realistic but has a short fuse.

How Old Were the Golden Girls When Filming?

Estelle’s age at the show’s outset was revealed to be 62. On July 25, 1923, she entered the world. With the help of the makeup artists, Getty would age up to play the part of Sophia; it took an hour to bring Getty into character as Sophia.

When the show premiered, Betty White and Bea Arthur were in their 63s. White’s birthday is 1/17/1922. Arthur’s birthday is May 13, 1922, making her the same age as her on-screen mother Getty. When “The Golden Girls” premiered, Rue McClanahan, who was 51 in real life, was the youngest of the group, mirroring her on-screen younger age. McClanahan’s birthday is 2/21/1934.

Getty was 68 years old, White was 70, Arthur was 69, and McClanahan was 58 when the series ended on May 9, 1992.

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