How Old Was Mary When She Married Joseph: What is the Birth Story of Jesus?

How Old Was Mary When She Married Joseph: More than that, I cited the Gospel of Matthew, which states that Joseph and Mary resumed their regular s*xual activity after the birth of Jesus. Lastly, despite the fact that Mary married Joseph at the tender age of 12, some of the early Church fathers held that she remained a Virgin for the rest of her life.

A marriage age difference of two to four years, as is commonly assumed, would put Joseph and Mary’s ages at 20 and 16, respectively, at the time of Jesus’ birth. Mary, my blessed, holy, and pure mother, was already twelve years old when righteous Joseph became a widower. At age three, her parents gave her an offering in the temple, and she spent the next nine years serving as an altar virgin in the Lord’s house of worship.

As an example, in some parts of Africa, despite the governments’ very strong No age is given for Joseph or Mary in the Bible. She was young, according to cultural norms, because she was a virgin who was engaged but not yet married.

How Old Was Mary When She Married Joseph?

The Bible doesn’t mention Mary’s marriage age. According to Matthew’s Gospel, Mary was engaged to Joseph before the Holy Spirit revealed her pregnancy. Jewish law and customs required Mary and Joseph to marry young. “Girls have normally engaged anytime between the ages of 12 and 15 and would be married shortly thereafter, at 15 or 16, and boys would have been 19 or 20,” said Fredriksen.

This scripture tells us Mary was a virgin when she married Joseph. Jewish girls as young as 12 were engaged to their future spouses. Mary’s age at Jesus’ birth is estimated to be 12–16. (Ibid.). According to the Bible and Jewish customs, Mary gave birth to Jesus around 15 or 16. When Gabriel told Mary she would have Jesus, she was about 14 years old (Ibid.).

Mary may have been 15 or 16 when she gave birth to Jesus, depending on her birthday. Women normally carry their babies for nine months. Despite the Bible’s silence, Mary was likely young when she gave birth to Jesus.

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Was Mary a Young Woman?

According to Fredriksen, the “superannuation of Joseph” in art and popular imagination is a response to the early church’s discussions concerning Mary’s permanent virginity. The Bible makes it quite plain that Mary must never compromise her chastity. For the sake of removing any doubt, theologians granted Joseph the aging effects of old age.

Joseph is described as Mary’s elderly companion, a widower with adult children from a previous marriage who can explain Jesus’ annoying half-siblings in the now-familiar tale of his life. The elderly saint claims he is too exhausted and embarrassed to take care of his young, pregnant wife.

How Old Was Mary When She Married Joseph

She’s a little girl, and I’m an old man with kids. Joseph tells the high priest, “I am concerned lest I become a laughingstock to the sons of Israel.” The Protoevangelium of James was a manner of reiterating Mary’s virginity “in a very strong fashion,” as the author puts it.

How Old Was Joseph at the Time of Marriage?

The ages given for Joseph in the various Christian accounts vary. It was common practice to refer to Joseph as an “older man,” as will become clear below. However, there is no scriptural support for the idea that Joseph was an old man. This belief, on the other hand, is based on the assumption that Mary never tied the knot.

The Gospels portray Jesus as having several half-siblings. Many people believe that their births occurred after that of Jesus Christ, born to Joseph and Mary. Of course, this could never happen if Mary kept her purity till the end. This would imply that Joseph was already married when he met Mary and began bearing children, contrary to popular belief. Some have speculated that Joseph must have been rather old by the time he was shown in the Gospels, given the timeline suggested by this reasoning.

Birth Story of Jesus

Mary’s birthday was spent in Bethlehem, where she gave birth to a baby, named him Jesus, and laid him in a manger made of hay. After learning that Jesus’ birthplace was very nearby, the guards made a pilgrimage there to honor him. Three astrologists from neighboring countries traveled to Jerusalem after hearing the news of Jesus’ birth. A star showed him the exact position of where Christ was at the time. They worshipped Jesus by bending down and laying their gold, myrrh, and frankincense at his feet.

Because of this, most Nativity displays feature a stable, animals (such as sheep or cow), garudas, and the three wise men. The birth of Jesus Christ (the Son of God) on Earth is commemorated by the appearance of a star to the shepherds. The ages of Mary and Joseph are mentioned in the Christmas story, but they are secondary to the central event: the birth of Jesus. God was among His people at Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem, and redemption from our sins was at hand.

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