How Old Was Noah When He Built the Ark: Why Does the Flood Story Repeat Noah’s Age?

How Old Was Noah When He Built the Ark: The question “how old was Noah when he build the ark?” is constantly regarded as one of the most popular and well-known questions pertaining to the Bible. This is because the story of Noah and the ark is one of the most well-known stories in the entire Bible. This question is right up there with “how old was Methuselah?” in terms of the amount of interest it receives from people.

Even if it were easy to convey the core response, there is a lot of background information that has to be brought to the attention of the reader since it is very important. Not only does it help us get a clearer picture of life before and after the flood if we know how old Noah was when he started constructing the ark, but it also allows us to assess whether or not individuals in Noah’s day typically lived to such a ripe old age.

How Old Was Noah When He Built the Ark?

Some individuals claim that it took Noah 120 years to construct the ark. On the other hand, this misconception appears to be based on the number 3 in Genesis 6:3. The flood occurred when Noah was 600 years old, as recorded in Genesis 7:6. The age of Noah when God gave the order to build the ark is not specified in the Bible. In Genesis 6:5-8, it is stated that after Noah had sons, God was sick of the wickedness of people. If we assume that these events occurred in the sequence given, then God made his decision to destroy humanity after Noah was 500 years old.

How Old Was Noah When He Built the Ark
How Old Was Noah When He Built the Ark

The account of God sending Noah on a mission provides one important clue. In Genesis 6:18, God instructs Noah to “enter the boat—you and your wife and your sons and their wives,” meaning that after the ark is completed, they should all board the ship together. It follows that Noah not only had sons by this time but that his sons had also found wives.

The length of time his sons had been married before the flood is unknown because we don’t know if Japheth and Ham started having children before or after the flood. With evidence suggesting that men in the Ancient Near East could have children far into their 100s and with widespread reports of early marriage, it’s possible that Noah’s sons were anywhere from teenagers to their 90s when construction on the ark began. Some researchers have speculated that Noah’s sons were in their twenties when they tied the knot, making him at least 520 years old when he began construction on the ark.

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Why Does the Flood Story Repeat Noah’s Age?

The Gregorian calendar, which is the method of timekeeping that is currently the one that is utilized all over the world with the greatest frequency, places the beginning of the year counting on the birth of Jesus Christ as its starting point. Even with the practice of replacing B.C. with B.C.E. (“Before Common Era”) and A.D. (“Anno Domini,” in the year of our Lord) with C.E. (“Common Era”), the birth of Jesus is still used to mark the passage of time. C.E. stands for “Common Era.”

The authors of the Old Testament commonly referred to the king or ruler who was in power at the time of an event in order to determine the year in which the event took place. [Cas This approach is utilized on a fairly regular basis throughout the historical and prophetic books of the Old Testament. In a similar manner, the book of Genesis uses Noah’s life to indicate significant turning points in the narrative of the flood, despite the fact that Noah was neither a king nor a ruler. As the story continues, the reader will be able to easily keep track of Noah’s age thanks to this.

How old was Noah when he died?

Genesis 5-10 provides a timeline of Noah’s family, showing his age at death and at key points in his life. Noah was born to Lamech, Methuselah’s son and Enoch’s grandson, according to Genesis 5:28-30. Lamech was 128 years old when he had Noah, and the name means “relief” in Hebrew. Noah was 595 when Lamech died at 777.

After the flood, Noah lived 350 years and died at 950. This indicates he lived long enough to see the land restored after the flood and all three of his sons establish their families and multiply. Shem’s descendants, called “Semites,” led to Abraham.

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