How Old Was Solomon When He Became King: Where is the Temple of Solomon?

How Old Was Solomon When He Became King: Solomon’s birth was a significant time jump after David had already established his rule. We know that it was some time after David settled in Jerusalem. David had to have been in Jerusalem for a while before he met Bathsheba, got married to her, and had another child with her.

Solomon’s birth would have occurred at least ten years into David’s reign, making him a youngster when he assumed the throne. His marriage to the Pharaoh’s daughter not long after he became king suggests he was at least 20 years old. How old was Solomon when he became king? is the topic of this essay. If you read the whole article, you’ll discover the answers you’re looking for.

How Old Was Solomon When He Became King?

The Bible does not mention Solomon’s age at any point. However, the information that follows suggests that Solomon was approximately 20 years old when he ascended to the throne, which is consistent with the preponderance of sources that are not found in the Bible. He had been in power for the previous four decades when he passed away at the age of 60. 2 Chronicles 9:30 and 1 Kings 11:42

After the death of his father Solomon, Rehoboam rose to the throne. At the time of his father’s passing, Rehoboam was 41 years old. Solomon was probably around 19 years old when Rehoboam was born, and he was probably around 18 years old when he got married. David went away when he was 70 years old. If we are to believe this, David had been around the same age as Solomon when he was born. This would shed light on the amount of time that passed between the events described in 2 Samuel 12 and 24.

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Who is Solomon?

Solomon was the tenth son of King David, who was the second King of the ancient United Kingdom of Israel, and the second son of Bathsheba. Solomon was also the wisest and most prosperous of all the kings. Solomon, also known as King Solomon, was the third and final king of Israel. He reigned over the United Kingdom of Israel for a total of forty years, becoming famous for his erudition, prolific writing, and architectural achievements during his reign.

How Old Was Solomon When He Became King

Even in Islam, Solomon was revered as a wise king of Israel as well as a very influential prophet of the Jewish people. King Solomon, like his predecessors Saul and David, ruled the kingdom for a period of forty years, which was one of the longest and most prosperous periods in the history of Israel; as a result, historians refer to this time as “The Golden Age” of Israel. King Solomon’s reign was also comparable to that of Saul and David.

Solomon the King’s Reign

Solomon was considered to be the best king to ever rule Israel and guide the country to success and prosperity during his reign. During the time period known as “The Golden Year,” Solomon increased the size of the royal court, made adjustments to the measures of defense, and brought financial gain through sophisticated taxing, labor conscription, and other advances. He also increased the number of slaves who were conscripted into service.

As a result of Solomon’s influence, other nations began paying respect to him and presenting him with gifts. King Solomon built relations with powerful nations all across the world, including Arabia, Egypt, Tyre, and Moab, amongst others. This included other countries. He wed royalty from a great number of other countries, and he ended up having a total of 700 brides and 300 concubines.

The relationship with the Queen of Sheba was the most emotionally charged and politically significant of all of them. She was impressed by Solomon’s accomplishments and knowledge, and as a consequence, she assisted him in maintaining friendly ties with the Arabian Kings. As a result of her feelings, she assisted him in maintaining cordial ties with the Arabian Kings. It was through King Solomon that she became pregnant.

Where is the Temple of Solomon?

In accordance with the directives given to him by both God and his own father, David, King Solomon constructed the Temple in order to house the Ark of the Covenant. The construction was carried out and completed within the first seven years of his reign.

During the course of seven days, the lives of 22,000 oxen and 120,000 lambs were offered up on the altar as sacrifices. After the construction of the temple, Solomon was responsible for removing the Ark of the Covenant from the tent in which David had previously kept it. At the moment, it is kept in a separate area of the Temple known as “The Holy of Holies,” which is located on the western side of the building.

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