Howards Mill Real or Fake: What Is The Scenario At Howard Mill?

Howards Mill Real or Fake: In March of 2021, the documentary Howard’s Mill was released in theatres. The disappearance of amateur treasure hunter Emily Nixon and the riddles of Howard’s Mill were at the center of the docudrama. Although the documentary has been well received, it has prompted some viewers to wonder if the events of Howard’s Mill actually occurred.

Howards Mill Real or Fake?

Close to the Tennessee city of Springfield is where you’ll find Howard’s Mill. Two documentary producers set out to interview Dwight Nixon, whose wife disappeared while they were filming there. He initially becomes a suspect, but he firmly tells the police that Emily disappeared while visiting Howard’s Mill. As they dig more, they uncover a disturbing trend of people going missing and then turning up again on the property.

Through their investigation into the Howards, the filmmakers discover a bizarre plot involving the farm’s frightening neighbor Wayne Richie, who continues to keep a close eye on the property even though it has been abandoned. Maybe he knows something about Emily’s disappearance, or maybe there’s something even creepier about keeping a watchful eye on the house.

The film markets itself as a documentary, as I mentioned at the outset, and I even located it in that genre’s subheading on the streaming site I used to view it. The story of a haunted house where strange things occur and people mysteriously vanish captivated me. To be clear, this is an elaborate hoax of a mockumentary.

The filmmaking team deserves accolades because I was able to locate other reviewers who were duped by their stories. It was a hoax, despite their insistence, and I proved it. I have to admit that I didn’t catch on until near the middle of the movie when some obviously ripped-off Slender Man material was included among the “discovered film” gathered by the citizens of Springfield. That was the moment when I first started to have my doubts. By the time the fake documentary concluded, I knew I hadn’t been wrong.

The disappearance of Emily Nixon, which sets the tale in motion, is sometimes overlooked. It appeared that the filmmakers were aware of this, as they inserted what seemed to be unrelated reminders before tying them to the conclusion.

It’s not a terrible film by any means. Nothing about the performances, the found-footage horror style, or the plot twists surrounding the playground’s haunting is particularly innovative. However, the fascinating story of the mill and its missing inhabitants captured my attention.

In the end, Howard’s Mill is an entertaining and engaging mockumentary that is also believable. You watch as the directors delve into the film’s frights, thrills, suspense, and weird occurrences. Perhaps you, too, will fall for the same trick I did. Read below to know about the plot of the movie.

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What Is The Scenario At Howard Mill?

What Is The Scenario At Howard Mill


The Howard’s Mill movie centers around a parcel of abandoned land (also called Howard’s Mill) on the outskirts of Springfield, Tennessee. The site is about 14 acres in size. Paranormal events occur on this land when a woman called Emily Nixon vanishes. Following Emily’s disappearance, Dwight, her husband, is the only person police may seriously consider as a suspect. However, with the addition of Houchins and Whitmire, a number of cold cases spanning four decades are reopened.

For example, in 1977, a worker’s family vanished as they drove past the field, making their disappearance one of the unresolved incidents. Similarly, in 1979, Rebecca, the daughter of the true owner, vanished. A further daughter of the owner vanished in 1981. In 1994, a girl called Sarah Winston disappeared while being filmed by her father. The plot of the film takes a major twist as it is turned towards the appearance of some otherworldly forces.

The documentary film’s makers veered away from an investigative narrative and into the realm of the supernatural. Playing pivotal parts in Howard’s Mill are Josefina F. Boneo, Reegus Flenory, Jeremy Childs, Justin Prince Moy, and Jesse James Locorriere. The film was produced by Eric Williams, Potsy Ponciroli, Shannon Houchins, and Chris Conner.

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