Hyperverse is Real or Fake: What is Hyperverse Investment?

Hyperverse is Real or Fake: You will find the truth about the Hyperverse hoaxes as you read the article “Hyperverse is Real or Fake – Everything You Need to Know About h5 Hyperverse.” Before changing its name to h5 Hyperverse, the company formerly known as HyperFunds was widely thought to be a fraudulent Ponzi scheme aimed at stealing investors’ money.

After a successful platform relaunch on December 5th, 2021, the company changed its name to Hyperverse as part of the subsequent business transformation. Despite this, the Chief Executive Officers of HyperFunds, Sam and Steven, have vanished after jetting out to Dubai. The response of the company’s user base to this action has been to issue extensive criticism as well as threats.

Since then, a significant number of individuals have turned to the internet in the hope of discovering evidence that Hyperverse is a scam. This is because many credible financial institutions, such as the SEC, have reached the same conclusion. While we wait, let’s conduct in-depth research on Hyperverse to determine whether or not it is a real place.


Hyperverse is Real or Fake

Hyperverse has identified a scam-running company that has the intention of defrauding its investors in due time; nevertheless, the platform will not last for up to a year before it ultimately collapses like a plane. Because the majority of their revenue comes from new members, when they reach a point when they have a decreasing number of members or people enrolling on their platform, they will eventually fold and run off with the money from all of their investors.

Those users who joined the platform later will be the ones to suffer losses, while those users who joined the platform earlier will be the ones to benefit from it. The more active the early adopters are on the site, the more money they will make through commissions and daily prizes. In the meantime, many investors have been duped by the platform’s testimony and warning, and they are unaware that the platform’s primary objective is to steal money from investors.

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What is Hyperverse Investment?

The hyperverse investment platform is a recently launched cryptocurrency ecosystem to establish a defi monetary infrastructure for enthusiastic people about digital currency. The project appears to be based on the metaverse, which may be an attempt at time travel. The crew said humans had perfected the technology necessary for interstellar travel in 2078 AD. Following the construction of the very first human colony, known as “HyperVerse,” in the Proxima Centauri star system by the very first party of human explorers, humanity formally entered the period of interstellar migration.

Hyperverse is Real or Fake

While this is going on, Hyperverse is using a model called multi-level marketing (MLM), which claims to offer opportunities to earn passive income, and they are seeking affiliate investors in the country of New Zealand. In New Zealand, financial services and products cannot be provided by Hyperverse because the company is not properly registered or permitted.

They assert that the Virtual Metaverse, which is made up of millions of planets, is where most of their attention is placed. Players, also referred to as voyagers, can make new friends, experience new cultures and ways of life, manufacture tokenized things, launch businesses, and travel throughout the cosmos in the game world known as the HyperVerse.

Hyperverse Investment Plan

As its name suggests, Hyperverse is surrounded by a great deal of excitement. In the meantime, the company is working hard to increase the number of people who sign up for the platform. However, the company’s promising investment plan (ROI), which promises a 300% return on investment in 600 days, appears untrue. Hyperverse’s membership plans are as follows: 300, 500, 1000, and 3000 HU.

They have reached a point where they are running out of funds, so they have made the decision to increase their ROI, and they have also increased the membership of plans, which now include 400, 800, 1200, or 3600 HU with a return of investment of 400%, and the value of a single HU token is equal to $1.

Their management guarantees their investors a lot of benefits on whichever membership plan they choose, and there is a referral program in which their investors may invite their friends and make a reward of approximately 20% on any amount that their referral invests.

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