Inside Job Season 2: Is It Releasing Soon?

Inside Job Season 2: Is It Releasing Soon? Fans of Inside Job may expect another ten episodes in Part 2, which will premiere on Netflix sometime in 2022, following the success of the first season. As of this writing, we know the following about Inside Job: Part 2.

Shion Takeuchi, a longtime writer on Gravity Falls and Regular Show, created Inside Job, a Netflix Original adult-animated comedy series. The show’s creator, Alex Hirsch, also serves as an executive producer.

Cognito Inc., the deep state firm where anti-social tech genius Reagan Ridley works, is at the heart of every conspiracy theory ever hatched. After being labeled “the odd one out” by her colleagues and father, Reagan is motivated to improve the world, no matter how many obstacles she encounters.

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Inside Job Season 2 Plot/Story

In the second season of Inside Job, Reagan will likely be seen in an angry and possibly vindictive state.

Reagen was prepared to steer Cognito in a constructive new direction after she had prepared herself to become the CEO of Cognito Inc. and had finally confronted her father for his exploitation of her youth. However, her triumph was short-lived because she later learned that the Shadow Board had removed her from her position as CEO of the corporation and replaced her with her own father.

Reagen had practically rejected her father and banished him to Cognito; however, now that he is her boss, she will have no choice but to visit him on a daily basis because she will be forced to do so. However, this does provide Reagen with the opportunity to get her father fired, just as he was sacked years before for almost exposing the existence of the deep state. This presents Reagen with an opportunity to avenge her father’s firing.

If Reagan is willing to make her professional sacrifices at the expense of her father, then perhaps the Shadow Board will take her seriously as a candidate for the position of CEO. Alternately, Reagen could endeavor to expose the deep state to the public in the same vein as her father before her, following in his footsteps.

Inside Job Season 2 Cast

Inside Job Season 2 Cast

Inside Job Season 2 Release Date

As this article is being written, Netflix has not yet provided an update regarding the release of additional episodes. Nevertheless, we are able to state with absolute certainty that the next ten episodes will be released sometime in the year 2022.

Inside Job Official Trailer

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