Is Blind Frog Ranch Real or Fake: What did Duane Ollinger Talks Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch?

Is blind Frog Ranch Real or Fake: Is it a lie that Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch takes place at a real ranch? People who are skeptical have talked about the Discovery Channel show on Reddit. Does Blind Frog Ranch exist or not? Another year of exciting TV has started, but some people aren’t so sure that Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is real. The first episode of the show aired on January 2, 2021. It was about Duane Ollinger and his son Chad, who were looking for buried treasure.

The family bought a huge 160-acre piece of land in Utah called Blind Frog Ranch because they thought it was full of gold. Even though ghost stories and urban legends have been told about Blind Frog Ranch for decades, the Ollinger family is putting everything on the line to make it big there. Some people have thought since the show aired that Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch was faked. Is this a reasonable assumption?

Is Blind Frog Ranch Real or Fake?

While Discovery has found rating success with shows centered on treasure hunting, some viewers have expressed concern that Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is less authentic than the treasures Duane is trying to unearth. A popular thread on Reddit complains that the digs look “set up” and “fabricated,” despite the fact that no one associated with the production has addressed the show’s veracity.

Inquiring, “Does anyone know the actual location of this?” one Reddit user posed the question. Besides myself, does everyone else find this show to be completely fake and ridiculous? False claims that they dug up a nugget and a Spanish coin from the same shaft have been made. Faked information being presented as fact by Discovery Channel is annoying. What else is new, huh?

It was argued by several audience members that the actors sounded too much like the real people they were portraying. Some have found similarities between Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch and the History Channel’s The Curse of Oak Island. Since 2014, the series has been a rating hit for the network, although there has always been speculation that it is at least somewhat staged. Despite the skepticism of some viewers, the Utah ranch where Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is set has a long history of unexplained activity and the storage of rare metals.

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Who Is Duane Ollinger?

Prior to devoting himself to the happenings at Blind Frog Ranch, Duane amassed a fortune working as a high-risk oil contractor in Texas. The history and lore of the ranch captivated Duane’s father. The Aztecs were already mining the area when the Spanish conquistadors found gold there, for one. The Mormons even stole some gold to use in currency production. The third theory postulates that an alien spaceship is hiding nearby.

Is Blind Frog Ranch Real or Fake

After exploring a system of caves beneath the surface, Duane is convinced that he is on the verge of discovering treasure, but the locals insist that the area is cursed. Because of this, the rumored riches have eluded everyone so far. Although Duane is well aware of the curse, he is not going to let it stop him. The locals’ tales of hidden riches sound plausible. It’s either gold from the Aztecs or the Spanish. Duane told Soapbox in January of 2021. I’ve seen satellite scan data that confirms my belief that the tunnels are dripping with gold.

To learn if Duane and Chad unearth anything interesting at the Blind Frog Ranch, you’ll have to tune in to find out. Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch premieres on Discovery every Friday at 10 p.m. ET. The show is also available online for Discovery+ subscribers.

What did Duane Ollinger Talks Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch?

The land was initially purchased by Duane’s father, and he has lately been in touch with Hollywood Soapbox to discuss the show Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch. When asked if he had any concerns about adapting his work into a television series, he responded: Quite reserved. This opportunity came at the perfect time since I had just sold my home and shut down my business in order to take my family on vacation.

I’ve always been willing to lend a hand when my father needs it, but after watching a few too many reality TV shows, I’m starting to rethink my position. After seeing coverage on Discovery Channel, I decided to give it a shot. He then went on to express his faith in the legends of hidden treasure he had heard from the villagers, implying that he was quite certain of what he would find. The gold originally belonged to the Spanish or the Aztecs. I have seen satellite images of the caverns, and they appear to have a golden hue, confirming my suspicions.

“Since we are putting so much time and work into this attempt,” he continued, “it would surely be a bummer not to locate the wealth.”

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