Is Cheaters Real Or Fake: What ‘Inside Edition’ Revealed About Cheaters?

Is Cheaters Real Or Fake: To Catch a Cheater, a web series that debuted on YouTube in 2015, was an instant phenomenon. Each episode, as you might expect from the title, centers on the protagonist’s efforts to determine whether or not his or her partner is cheating. To Catch a Cheater isn’t the first show to focus on trying to catch cheaters, but it is the first to deliberately set up an enticing setting to test whether or not the suspect will cheat. Unfortunately, it’s typically the case that they will.

It’s hard to fathom, but for some reason, it’s amusing to see cheaters face their comeuppance from their significant others. The program has featured many different pairings and some wild narrative twists throughout the years. Many viewers have questioned the show’s veracity because of the outlandish plot twists.

Is Cheaters Real Or Fake?

‘Cheaters’ has been suspected of being fabricated on numerous occasions, most notably after an investigation was conducted into the show in 2002 and several former cast members were located. They claimed a detective from the agency paid them about $400 per episode to appear on “Cheaters.” In addition, they received $50 for every performer they referred. When pressed for details, one actor revealed that the show’s private detective had revealed that certain episodes would be fake, but that there would be “ringer” episodes to make up the difference.

However, the PI has denied staging anyone’s scenario, claiming that the volume of calls they get eliminates the need to do so. A representative from the Federal Communications Commission has made it clear that there is no law or regulation prohibiting acted-out scenarios from being presented as reality on television, despite the fact that the producers of “Cheaters” currently do so in a legalistic message at the end of the episode.

The 2003 episode when host Joey Greco was stabbed has also been debunked as a hoax. Neither of the couples at the time was represented on-screen. According to reports, Cari Wyatt was paid $500 to play a role in which she pretended to be having an affair with a male coworker while she was actually engaged to another man. On the day shooting began, she said she had not met either man and that the entire thing was a sham.

On the boat, Joey’s supposed stabbing is similarly staged. A Dallas hotel receptionist made $350 to play the role of an unfaithful woman for a few days. It has been reported that the individual who fell from the boat was part of a planned scene, the ambulance was rented, and the blood was fake. The show also reported that the knifeman had been captured by authorities in Rowlett, Texas. A representative for the police department, however, stated that no crimes similar to those depicted on “Cheaters” were arrested during that time period.

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After being questioned about whether or not the events depicted on the show are based on true stories, the show’s executive producer and creator, Bobby Goldstein, said that the incident was presented to him in a way that he felt it actually occurred. Bobby continued by recalling the time he had spent with Joey in the hospital following the stabbing.

The host appeared weak and afraid, the executive producer said. He presented himself as brave, and Bobby concluded by stating that even if it were all an act, it would be good for ratings. After all, is said and done, the greatest way to appreciate a show like “Cheaters” is to ignore the verifiable details and focus on the drama. What Inside Edition say about Cheaters, read in the next paragraph.

What ‘Inside Edition’ Revealed About Cheaters?

What 'Inside Edition' Revealed About Cheaters


The man who stabbed Joey Greco is then led away by police in the now-famous “stabbing” episode. Inside Edition looked into the assault, but they were unable to locate any arrest records. A participant actor in the episode was also interviewed, and he confirmed that it was all an act.

To add insult to injury, no documentation exists to suggest that a real emergency medical services (EMS) ambulance were dispatched to transport Joey. The show’s producers and host, Joey Greco, have both insisted that Cheaters is real, but there doesn’t appear to be any proof to back up their claims.

Greco said he couldn’t legally talk to investigative writer Matt Meagher about what really went on in the program, therefore he declined to do so.

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