Is Dorothy Still Dating Ari: How Was Dorothy and Ari’s Bling Empire Journey?

Because it lives up to its name and is an original franchise production for Netflix, ‘Bling Empire: New York’ gives us everything: controversy, drama, entertainment, laughter, fighting, and romance. If we are to be fully honest about it, the aspect of this series that caught our interest the most during its length was the relationship between public figure Dorothy Wang and attorney Aristidis “Aris” Kourkoumelis. Is Dorothy Still Dating Ari.

Suppose you are interested in learning more about this dynamic duo, with an emphasis not only on the time they have spent together but also on their current standing. In that case, you will be pleased to know that we have compiled all the pertinent information to satisfy your curiosity. Please click here if you are interested in learning more about this dynamic duo.

Is Dorothy Still Dating Ari?

Dorothy and Ari’s current condition is a little unclear, especially considering that filming for the first season of ‘Bling Empire: New York’ was wrapped up a little less than a year ago, somewhere in the vicinity of March or April 2022. This is the case not only because Dorothy has not uploaded a single photo of the two of them together in the time since then (or ever) but also because, as far as we can tell, the two of them have not engaged in any form of direct communication via social media.

Although attorney Ari had her Instagram profile set to private at the time of this writing, we could still determine that even though she does not follow him, he continues to follow her. This is although she does not follow him. Therefore, consider everything they went through together and the fact that we’re hopeless romantics.

We’ll continue to believe that her efforts to keep him off her online account deliberately prevented spoilers for the show until Dorothy or Ari state otherwise. This is because we’re optimistic romantics. In other words, our best guess is that Dorothy and Ari are still together after all these years.

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Dorothy Wang Dating History

Dorothy does not hesitate to put her private life, including her s*xual relationships, on full display for the entire world to witness. Rich Kids of Beverly Hills was the show in which Dorothy Wang, who is the daughter of Chinese-American business magnate Roger Wang, made her first appearance on television in 2014. The show in question was the one that allowed her to make her debut.

Is Dorothy Still Dating Ari

After that, she was in a relationship with her boyfriend, Cooper Mount, but they ended their engagement not much longer after that happened. It is safe to say that Dorothy is not precisely known for committing her romantic life to a specific partner because her next TV project was to star in Famously Single in 2017. Dorothy has been linked to other celebrities such as French Montana and John Mayer throughout her career.

However, because her next TV project was to star in Famously Single in 2017, it is safe to say that Dorothy is not precisely known for committing her romantic life to a specific partner.

How Was Dorothy and Ari’s Bling Empire Journey?

Ari Kourkoumelis was born and reared in Queens, New York, while Dorothy moved from California around late 2021 or early 2022. The two met in the Bahamas while the former was on a Girls + Blake Abbie trip and the latter was celebrating his mother’s birthday. She approached him and a companion at a pub for her best friend Tina Leung, not herself.

After Tina felt overwhelmed and backed off, Dorothy exchanged numbers with Ari, leading to texts, phone calls, and another meet-up. Ari inquired whether she had altered her return tickets since he wanted her to stay another day at their bar, which was much less social this time. After a few drinks, a makeout session, and many jokes, he achieved what he wanted, with Dorthohy surprising herself as she typically takes a while to trust guys.

Dorothy and Ari’s involvement was best because neither wrote the other off as a vacation fling when they returned to New York. They both believed there was more. Thus, they kept talking, introduced one other to their friends, and grew closer each day while still joking. Despite their differences in lifestyle and career, they clicked and maintained a pleasant flow thanks to their energy.

“It’s nice,” Dorothy said. “Ari doesn’t know Gigi and Bella Hadid. Insta-thots are unknown to him. He’s adorable. So I like him.” He never made her feel uncomfortable about her status, money, spending habits, knowledge, or anything else, proving he reciprocated. Thus, she ate a genuine New York pizza for him despite wishing to keep 90% gluten-free or traveling to Astoria to meet his father, Tom.

Dorothy, who is not Greek orthodox, was concerned about their cultural differences, and she and Ari declined to have a status chat. “We are infatuated with each other,” the public figure added. He’s phoned me 17 times today, but we won’t confess it. Due to commitment concerns, we chat about everything but our status. However, their love, care, and respect for each other were unquestionable.

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