Is Dreka And Kevin Still Together 2022?

Kevin Gates and his wife, Dreka Gates, are one of the few couples in the entertainment industry that have been together for a significant amount of time. They have been married for over 20 years. but lots of rumors are spreading around them let me show that is Dreka and Kevin still together 2022

Despite this, their relationship has been called into question more than once. Their relationship has been through some rough patches, including rumors of one partner cheating on the other. So, tell me, what have the two of them been up to recently? are Dreka and Kevin still together in 2022 or have they divorced and moved on with their lives?

Dreka and Kevin Relationship

When Kevin was only a part-time rapper and did this job primarily for fun, Dreka first crossed paths with him. After some time had passed, Kevin revealed to Dreka that he was considering making a career out of being a courier. Dreka was motivated in many ways by Kevin’s revelation, which ultimately contributed to his success as a courier.

 Drake had compiled all of the information he needed concerning the process of making him a rapper, and she had completed all of the other tasks that booking managers would typically complete. During this time, Kevin had been putting in a lot of effort in the studio, and a lot of people had enjoyed his music.

The couple established their own record label, Bread Winners Association, in 2010, and it quickly became a massively successful platform for them both individually and collectively. After that, Kevin was able to record his first song with great success at his grandmother’s house.

is dreka and kevin still together 2022


Are Dreka And Kevin Together

Kevin had tweeted last October about his relationship, saying that “A relationship is not all with flowers and rainbows it takes work and constant effort from both of our sides”. They both were in a relationship for nearly two decades and remained together for the upcoming years. The couple had celebrated their anniversary in October 2020 and posted a photo on Instagram about their journey, saying, “I love you so much and I’m excited and ready to continue this journey with you”.

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Is Dreka and Kevin still together 2022: Problem in relationship

Kevin and Dreka, who would later become his wife, began dating almost twenty years ago. On the occasion of their anniversary in October of the year 2020, Dreka posted an image of herself and her husband.

In a series of posts on Instagram, she revealed that she and he had been together for the past 17 years. This indicates that the couple has been together for a total of 19 years as of the year 2022. The couple tied the knot in 2015, following a courtship that lasted for a total of 12 years. They have been together long enough to have produced two offspring: Khaza Kamil Gates and Islah Koren Gates.

In recent times, however, it seems as though there is trouble in paradise. Following the release of Kevin’s song, ‘Super General,’ rumours began to circulate that he had separated from his wife.

There, he made the accusation that Dreka had cheated on him, and he also mentioned that their relationship had been going through some rough patches recently. He rapped about how his marriage was strained and how he was concentrating his attention on his children despite the problems in his relationship.

After that, he went on to explain how he had taken the blame in interviews in order to shield his wife’s reputation.

His reply inside the song’s Raps

He rapped, “Went home to sleep, deep down, there’s tension when you knowin’ that somethin’ missin’ / Suck it up, put all my energy back in Islah and lil’ Killa / Took the blame in interviews and made it look like I was trippin’ / Made the Dreka song lie to the world while tryna protect her image.”

He then hinted that Dreka cheated on him with a personal trainer. “Personal trainer invaded my personal space / Deep down inside it killed me,” he sang.

“Tell me you love me, I say it back / Back in my mind, I’m indifferent / Brought this infiltrator to the farm / Hurt my heart, what am I missin,” were the other lyrics which suggested that Kevin was hurting because of his spouse.

Kevin gates spotted cozying up with vh1 star jojo zarur

Rumours of Kevin dating Love and Hip Hop Miami star Jojo Zarur have been flying for weeks.

On Tuesday, June 7, the two were spotted out and about publicly for the first time. Kevin even did an Instagram Live for a few minutes during dinner and Jojo featured in the clip too.

The pair were seen holding hands and embracing in a video while walking on the streets. Kevin also stopped and took pictures with some fans.

Foundation Named After Dreka And Kevin

The Kevin and Dreka Gates Foundation was established by Kevin Gates, a recording artist with multiple platinum and multi-platinum albums, and Dreka Gates, his manager and lifelong partner. The mission of the foundation is to educate and raise awareness about difficult situations that young people face in today’s society, such as depression, mental health issues, financial challenges, and other challenging circumstances.

 Even if a young person is dealt a poor hand in life, the Kevin and Dreka Gates Foundation hopes to educate and empower them to make sound decisions early in their lives that will lead to a successful and positive outcome. This is the foundation’s overarching goal.




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