Is Janet Jackson Married: How Many Dates Did She Have in the Past?

Is Janet Jackson Married: Because of her enormous music collection and name, Janet Jackson has had a wonderful life filled with international renown. Both of these aspects of her legacy will be ingrained in the music business for the whole of all future time. Jackson’s personal life has been made both very public and difficult as a result of her reputation as a superstar, which, while it has brought her a great deal of fame, has also made her life more difficult.

Jackson’s personal life has been made both very public and difficult as a result of her reputation as a superstar. Michael Jackson has been married on three separate occasions during the course of her life. In addition to this, she dated the rapper Jermaine Dupri for a period of seven years in a serious relationship.

The singer has, for the most part, kept her discretion when it comes to her sexual life; however, she did speak up about her marriages and relationships in the documentary titled “Janet Jackson,” which was broadcast on Lifetime and A&E. Continue reading to learn more about Jackson’s previous marriages, including the successful as well as the unsuccessful ones.


Is Janet Jackson Married?

Janet is not married at this time. Nonetheless, she has been married three times, and the public remains curious about her current, long-term relationship with Jermaine. Other famous men Janet has dated include actor Matthew McConaughey and musician Q-Tip.

See It As It Happens With In 2019, Andy Cohen highlighted Matthew as he reflected on his evening out with Janet. Q-tip was honest with Math Hoffa about his connection with Janet when he was asked about it in 2021.

Is Janet Jackson Married
Is Janet Jackson Married

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Janet Jackson’s Past Relationships

James DeBarge

James DeBarge, 58, married Janet first. In 1984, James, a member of DeBarge, married Janet, who was 18. After two years together, they were engaged. After her 1982 self-titled debut, Janet released Dream Street. Many interpreted Janet’s marriage as a protest against her domineering late father, Joe Jackson. Drug addiction caused the 1985 breakup. In a 2016 Growing Up Hip-Hop episode, James revealed rumors of a secret child between the two have persisted.

“I’m weary of the secrecy, I’m tired of the truth not coming up, and people being a coward when it comes to it,” he tells his daughter in the episode. I considered it smart to speak up now because it has to be addressed.” The Janet documentary addressed the rumors. “They said I had a kid and kept it hidden. “I could never withhold a child from James,” she told People. “How could I withhold a child from their father? That’s wrong.

René Elizondo

Jackson began dating singer René Elizondo Jr. in 1987, two years after her marriage to James DeBarge ended the year before. After four years, the pair married secretly in 1991. Jackson and Elizondo Jr. wrote 37 songs together, including “That’s the Way Love Goes” and “Lonely.” Despite this, their marriage was ruined by the late 1990s.

Elizondo Jr. sued Jackson after their 2000 divorce, saying that Jackson pressured him into signing their prenuptial agreement and demanded $25 million in assets. In 2003, “Forbes” reported a $10 million settlement.

Wissam Al Mana

After her 2002 separation from René Elizondo Jr., Jackson dated artist Jermaine Dupri until 2009. In 2010, Jackson started dating businessman Wissam Al Mana. 2012. Jackson had Eissa in January 2017. Finally, Janet Jackson addressed the separation rumors. In early April 2017, Ms. Jackson was seen without her wedding ring, sparking rumors that she and her husband had divorced after the birth of their kid.

Though mutually consensual, Ms. Jackson’s unhappiness with her husband’s religious and cultural traditions may have caused the split. A New York Post “family confidante” said she likes being in charge. She was unhappy about giving up power in marriage. She wants to be Janet Jackson again, not Mrs. Wissam Al Mana or the submissive Muslim wife.”

Who Is Janet Jackson?

Janet Jackson is a successful performer, actor, producer, and choreographer, and she has amassed a net worth of $180 million. She and her family soared to prominence in the late 1970s on the smash variety show The Jacksons, and she went on to enjoy a successful career as a solo artist when the show ended.

The world was introduced to Janet Jackson on May 16, 1966, in the city of Gary, Indiana. The Jackson 5 are her brothers, and she is the tenth and final child in her family. The Jackson family moved to the Encino neighborhood of Los Angeles shortly after the Jackson 5 signed a recording contract with Motown Records in March of 1969.

The year 1976 marked the beginning of her successful career in the entertainment industry when she joined her siblings on the cast of the variety program “The Jacksons.” After she had already appeared in a number of films and television shows, including starring roles in “Good Times” (1977) and “A New Kind of Family,” her father and manager, Joseph Jackson, negotiated a recording contract with A&M Records for her. This came after she had already appeared in a number of films and shows (1979–1981).

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