Is John Travolta G@y: Is He Married?

Contrary to widespread misconceptions, John Travolta is not g@y. In 2020, Kelly Preston, an actress and Travolta’s 28-year wife, passed away from bre@st c@ncer. The actor hasn’t been spotted in a public relationship since that time.

Paul Baresi was the first to refer to John as gy. When John and he were both in college in the 1980s, he had told the media about his encounter with him. Several people have come forward to accuse Travolta of sexual assault.

John has been accused by multiple men of having sex with them or making advances in that direction. He has generally neither affirmed nor denied these accusations.

Is John Travolta G@y?

John Travolta g@y rumors have been going around for a while. Close friend Kirstie Alley, a fellow Scientologist and former co-star, claims that John is not g@y and denies ever having an emotional relationship with the actor in the past.

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In a September 16 interview with Dan Wootton of The Sun, Kirstie “vigorously” shook her head, swooned, and responded, “No, I don’t. I mean, I do know him rather well, and I am aware of the love.

As was already mentioned, John Travolta has also been charged with having an illicit relationship with a man. Since John Travolta has never formally declared himself to be homosexual, this misconception persists.

But the actor who became well-known in the 1970s for his parts in movies like “Kotter” and “Welcome Back” has toiled hard to make a name for himself in Hollywood and has stayed there for many years.

Even though he has never portrayed a g@y role on screen, many presume he is homosexual or at least bisexual. Former senior Scientology official Mike Rinder claims to have witnessed John Travolta kissing a man masseur, leading him to share this opinion.

Is John Travolta G@y?

Does John Travolta Have A Wife?

One of the few constants in John Travolta’s life, his marriage to Kelly Preston lasted for a very long period. He had the chance to meet an American actress and model while filming “The Experts” in 1988. Before being married, they were together for three years, but regrettably, she passed away in 2020.

Due to their connection, they had a girl and two sons. It’s crucial to keep in mind that while this was John’s first marriage, Kelly had experience walking down the aisle before. She had been married to actor Kelvin Gage before meeting John in 1998 and fell in love with him, but the couple separated in 1987.

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