Is Keke Palmer Pregnant: If Keke Palmer Is Not Married Then Who Is The Father of His Child?

Is Keke Palmer Pregnant: American actress and singer Keke Palmer were born on August 26, 1993. Her roles in teen shows like “Jump In!,” “The Longshots,” and “True Jackson, V.P.” may be familiar to you. Palmer has been in starring roles in comedy-drama films, sitcoms, voice-overs, hosted shows and released an album and three extended plays. Everyone is enamored with Palmer because of her charm and attractiveness.

Is Keke Palmer Pregnant?

Yes, Keke Palmer is pregnant now. Multitalented Keke Palmer shared the news of her first pregnancy while presenting Saturday Night Live. For those of us who were born in the ’90s and grew up watching her on screen, this is an extremely thrilling occasion.

Darius Jackson, the brother of Insecure star Sarunas Jackson, is dating Palmer. Since they started dating last summer, the pair have kept their relationship extremely under wraps, with the exception of a few hastily removed Instagram photos.

Seeing Palmer luxuriate in the acclaim that has followed her announcement has been a joy. But if you spend enough time on the internet, you’ll learn that no matter how positive the news, trolls are never far behind, and in this case, Palmer’s marital status was fair game for the haters.

Some have said that it would have been “even better” if the couple had gotten married, while others have been more critical of Palmer’s decision-making, going so far as to label her a single mother.

Is Keke Palmer Married?

She is not currently married, but she is seeing other people. In contrast to her prior romances, Palmer announced her relationship with actor Darius Daulton, the brother of Insecure actress Sarunas Jackson, on an Instagram official in March 2022.

What exactly Palmer’s relationship with Jackson entailed has been a mystery. Photos of her boyfriend, Jackson, were removed from her profile after she announced on The Tamron Hall Show in November that she and Jackson had made their Instagram accounts official.

If Keke Palmer Is Not Married Then Who Is The Father of His Child?

If Keke Palmer Is Not Married Then Who Is The Father of His Child


Sarunas Jackson, star of Insecure, has a younger brother named Darius Daulton Jackson, 28. Both Darius Jackson and Palmer appeared in Insecure, created by Issa Rae, but not simultaneously.

Darius Jackson claims he is a writer on his Instagram profile. After meeting at a Memorial Day party in May 2021, Palmer began dating a fitness instructor and aspiring actress, as reported by Just Jared.

Immediately following Palmer’s SNL appearance, Jackson posted a photo of the actress to her Instagram Story, captioned it “2023,” and added a heart emoji.

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According to Elle, in August of 2021, Darius Jackson wrote on the site in honor of Palmer’s birthday: “You truly are a divine gift. We certainly didn’t anticipate summer 2021 to be like this.

“I’m happy that we were able to support one another through our darkest hours and demonstrate to one another that we bring nothing but our best to the table.”

In October 2021, Palmer captioned a now-deleted video of herself with Darius Jackson, saying: “It’s good to feel comfortable showing this level of affection to someone I don’t have biological ties with without worrying about coming across as overly mushy (because I HATEEEE THAT).

“I’m usually really guarded, so I really appreciate you providing a place where I can let down my guard and be myself. What you have given me is something I will always treasure.”

In March of this year, the couple reportedly ended their Instagram relationship by deleting all of their shared photos and videos of one other.

Palmer, who had previously been reluctant to share personal information, discussed what prompted her to make her relationship with her partner “Instagram official” during an appearance on The Tamron Hall Show in November of last year.

She reflected on the experience, saying, “It became more difficult to hide” while talking about how the posts were being spread. Since I am so close to him and we spend so much time together, I decided I couldn’t keep a secret that made me happy any longer.

Palmer, who hails from Illinois, continued, “It’s not going to be everything you see, my job is my job, but at the end of the day this is somebody who is important to me so why not.”

Palmer continued, calling Darius Jackson “extremely business-adjacent,” which he defined as “understanding it but that’s not what he’s about.” “I’ve always been somebody that hasn’t wanted too much industry stuff in my life,” Palmer said. Palmer may have removed several social media photos that featured her and Darius Jackson kissing, but a TikTok video of the two still locking lips behind a fan remains online.

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