Is Laura Ingraham Married: Is The Fox News Personality D@ting Anyone?

American media powerhouse Laura Ingraham has gained notoriety as a conservative commentator, author, and TV personality. Ingraham’s wit and vehemently conservative viewpoints have helped her establish herself as a leading political figure. She began her career as a lawyer after being born in Glastonbury, Connecticut, on June 19, 1963.

Her quick rise to celebrity was greatly inspired by the highly syndicated radio program “The Laura Ingraham Show,” in which Ingraham discussed conservative solutions to many social and political issues.

Many people connected with her sharp observations and no-nonsense demeanor, and she finally made the switch to television. Here, we’ll talk about Laura Ingraham’s prior relationships and whether she’s married.

Is Laura Ingraham Married?

The marital status of Laura Ingraham might be of interest. She reveals that she is currently unmarried. She has never been engaged and is currently single. If you’re interested in learning more about Laura Ingraham’s former relationships or boyfriend, read down.

Here, we put to rest the public’s misconception that Laura Ingraham is unmarried and single.

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Laura Ingraham’s D@ting History

The Fox News personality Laura Ingraham has had a number of well-known relationships, many of which ended abruptly. She has d@ted a lot of men with important jobs in business or government. Look at the men she has dated in the past.

Laura Ingraham's D@ting History

Dinesh D’Souza

Dinesh is a conservative Indian-American who once dated Laura Ingraham. They first met when he worked for The Dartmouth Review at the institution in the early 1980s.

They had been engaged, but it was unknown why they broke it off. Dinesh and the Fox News personality continue to have a great friendship even after Dinesh was found guilty of financial crime.

Keith Olbermann

The Fox News anchor and broadcaster Keith spoke about their 1998 relationship in a 2008 blog post. Keith and Laura were an ideological mismatch since Keith is a liberal and Laura is a conservative.

However, The New Yorker debunked allegations that they had broken up due to political disagreements. They parted ways on bad terms, as seen by the frequent trolling they engage in.

Robert Torricelli

There were speculations of a relationship between American lawyer and ex-politician Laura Ingraham in 1999. Laura is an independent, whilst Robert is a Democrat. Their relationship therefore seemed odd. The rumors were never directly addressed by either party.

Lawrence H. Summers

In 2005, Laura Ingraham and the American economist were said to be d@ting. Lawrence and the Fox News anchor didn’t go into detail about their bond. If they ever went out together, it was just for a short while.

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