Is Paul Hollywood Married: How Many Women Has He Dated After His Divorce?

Is Paul Hollywood Married: A judge on “The Great British Baking Show,” Paul Hollywood, and his fiancée are about to get married. “I do” is right around the corner. The judge on the popular reality television show is said to have proposed to his girlfriend Melissa Spalding at some point during the month of April 2022, according to the sources.

“Paul proposed some months ago, but they have been keeping it very quiet since then,” a source tells the outlet, who spoke to the publication. “They have been keeping it very quiet since then,” the source says. It has only been in the past month that she has started telling her friends about her upcoming marriage and wearing her engagement ring in public for the first time. There are currently no plans in place for the wedding.”

Is Paul Hollywood Married?

At the time, Paul does not have a partner. On the other hand, the famed chef’s ex-wife is a successful actress in Hollywood. In 2017, a couple who had been married for more than two decades decided to end their relationship.

In 1996, the author of How to Bake had his first encounter with his future ex-wife. Paul is said to have met the British national while they were both employed at the same hotel on the island of Cyprus, which is located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Both Alexandra and the TV host worked at the resort; Alexandra was a scuba diving instructor, while the TV host was the head baker.

Paul and Alexandra began dating almost immediately after they first met, and two years later, in 1998, they were married on the island, having been together for a total of four years. The host of the American Baking Competition, together with his long-term partner, formed a family with the arrival of their son Josh in October of 2001.

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Who Is Paul Hollywood?

On March 1st, 1966, Paul John Hollywood was born in the town of Wallasey, which is located in the county of Cheshire in England. Wallasey is also known as the birthplace of actor David Walliams. Since the year 2010, the well-known English celebrity chef and television presenter Paul John Hollywood has served without interruption as a member of the judging panel for The Great British Bake Off.

Is Paul Hollywood Married

Helping out at the bakery that was owned by his father was how Young Hollywood Hollywood got his start in the baking business. After then, he held the position of a head baker at a number of different hotels, both in the United Kingdom and in other countries. After he had finished his work in Cyprus, Hollywood featured in a number of programs that were shown in the United Kingdom on the television networks BBC and ITV.

When he first started out in the broadcasting industry, he hosted shows about food. Later on, he expanded his horizons and began hosting shows about other topics, such as driving.

Alex and Paul Hollywood’s Romantic History

Paul Hollywood and his ex-wife Alex Hollywood met in 1996 while both were working and living in Cyprus. Paul was the head baker at a five-star hotel while Alex was a diving instructor. His father, John F. Hollywood, had a bakery, and Paul is his son. The couple got married on the island in 1998, and in October 2001, their son Josh was born. After moving back to the UK and taking on the role of judge on the Great British Bake Off, Paul’s fame exploded. His ex-wife says he was forever altered by this event.

Paul’s friendship with the now-44-year-old American chef Marcela Valladolid began during his time as a competitor in the American version of the renowned baking competition. Together, they released a statement in November 2017 announcing their divorce and accepting responsibility for the failure of their marriage. It read, “With heavy hearts, we have chosen to part ways. Since the well-being of our son remains our first priority, we respectfully request that the media and the general public respect our need for privacy at this trying time.

Alex, who is also a talented cook, filed for divorce from Paul on the grounds that he had been unfaithful to her, a move that is rumored to have cost him £10 million. Two years after her marriage ended, she spoke up about it, comparing it to a fatal car crash.

How Many Women Has He Dated After His Divorce?

Paul was linked to Candice Brown, the winner of the 2016 Great British Bake Off whom he had mentored on the show, after the dissolution of his marriage. Candice was spotted stroking Paul’s ear, and he was captured on camera allegedly kissing her at the Pride of Britain Awards after party. The images appeared the day after she and her longtime boyfriend, Liam Macaulay, made their engagement news public.

Alex and Paul announced their split three weeks after Paul and Candice denied the rumors. Despite their claims that there was no adultery on either side, Candice and Liam filed for divorce in 2020. Summer Monteys-Fullam, a bartender, became famous in 2017 when stories about her and her boyfriend Paul began to circulate. They first crossed paths when Summer was working as a bartender at Duke William in Ickham, a small village not far from Canterbury.

She got so attached to the celebrity chef that she quit her work, and he showered his 23-year-old girlfriend with gifts including a £9,000 hot tub for her birthday, exotic vacations, and thousands of pounds spent on her pets. Paul and his young lover moved into a million-dollar home in Kent in February. However, the relationship barely lasted a few more months after Paul persuaded Summer to sign an NDA agreeing never to publicize their romance.

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