Is Queen Latifah Married: Why People Talked About Her S*xuality

Is Queen Latifah Married: The American Queen Latifah is a rapper, singer, actor, and producer. Queen Latifah rose to fame as an early pioneering female rapper in the 1980s, when most rap performers were men. Soon later, she established a new milestone by receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame—a first for a hip-hop performer.

Latifah has won a slew of awards for her work in both the music and film industries. Queen Latifah, a rapper, and activist are famous for writing songs with political messages. She has a reputation for keeping her personal life and family concerns under wraps.

Because Queen Latifah is very discreet, reputable details on her love life are hard to come by. When asked about her s*xuality in interviews, she has even avoided the topic. In contrast, she supposedly confirmed her same-s*x relationship in an address from 2021 by mentioning her partner and their kid. She has allegedly been dating Eboni Nichols since 2013, and the two just became parents to a daughter called Rebel.


Is Queen Latifah Married?

Queen Latifah does not have a spouse. On the other hand, ever since 2013, she has been in a committed relationship with the dancer Eboni Nichols. When she was working on the set of Dancing with the Stars, she became acquainted with Eboni Nichols. In 2013, she decided to make her relationship official. Chapman University in Orange, California, awarded Eboni Nichols a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Dance after she completed her studies there.

On the set of Dancing with the Stars in 2009, Latifah and Nichols had their first encounter with one another. In 2013, they went public with their relationship and began dating. Some of the publications claim that Queen Latifah is in a romantic connection with the man who is currently her boyfriend, Eboni Nichols. Her spouse is a professional choreographer in their own right.

Nichols began her career as a dancer shortly after completing her education, performing with well-known superstars such as Beyoncé, Usher, and Jennifer Lopez. According to a few of the accounts, during her time as a Los Angeles Laker Girl, she participated in the cheerleading squad. She was responsible for the choreography of all five seasons of the CW television program Jane the Virgin as well as the ABC comedy Fresh Off the Boat.

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Who is Queen Latifah?

Dana Elaine Owens is better known by her stage name, Queen Latifah, which she utilizes in the entertainment industry. Queen Latifah is a famous American actress, rapper, and singer. She was born and raised in the United States. Her place of birth is Newark, which is located in the state of New Jersey.

Is Queen Latifah Married

She signed a recording contract with Tommy Boy Records in 1989, and her first album, titled “All Hail the Queen,” was released to the public on November 28 of the same year. The album included the hit song “Ladies First,” which was a part of it. “Nature of a Sista” was the name of her second and final album that was released under the Tommy Boy Records label.

Are Her Bis*xual Rumors True?

Queer speculations regarding Queen Latifah’s s*xuality have been around for a long time. The rumors that this famous rapper is gay are common knowledge among her fans.

Specifically, the feud between Queen Latifah and Foxy Brown started in 1996, when Foxy Brown was the first to question the rapper’s s*xuality while dissing her. A lot of people have made assumptions about this actress’ s*xuality since then, but there has been no hard evidence to back them up. And that includes the rampant speculation online that she recently “came out” as gay.

These allegations, however, are more like rumors than facts because none of those sites really quote her making such a statement. According to the rumors, however, the rapper initially had an affair with Jeanette Jenkins, who was rumored to be Queen Latifah’s girlfriend for over 8 years before they finally broke up for good in 2011.

She also made a public statement at the Beach Lesbian and Gay Pride event, saying that she had been hoping for this opportunity for a long time. She even implied that the LGBT community was her family, which may be seen as a confession, although she never identified as gay.

Although the media has been trying to get the ’90s hitmaker to come out as gay or straight, she has not done so as of now. Until evidence to the contrary, like her marriage to a specific guy, is provided, the legendary rapper will be regarded as a member of the LGBT community.

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