Who Is Ryan Seacrest Dating In 2023? Everything About Aubrey Paige

Who Is Ryan Seacrest Dating? Ryan Seacrest has a new woman in his life. The American Idol host and model Aubrey Paige Petcosky, sometimes known as Aubrey Paige, have been romantically together since 2021. However, they keep their relationship slightly under wraps.

The two have only ever walked the red carpet together and have never gone to a public function together since they first met.

In July 2022, Seacrest and Paige were captured in a holiday shot in Spain’s Ibiza. On November 8, 2022, Aubrey posted a picture of the couple kissing while celebrating her 25th birthday.

“I’m content. I have no problems at the moment “The TV presenter made a statement on a Live with Kelly and Ryan show from August 2022 that appeared to allude to his romantic feelings for Paige.

Fortunately, it appears that Seacrest’s romance has lasted much longer than only a minute. The American Idol contestant revealed that he would kiss Paige on New Year’s Eve, indicating that they would still be together and happy at the end of 2022. He made light of the kiss by saying, “I’ll get in trouble if I don’t [do it].”

Who Is Ryan Seacrest Dating, then? Discover more about model Aubrey Paige right here.

Who Is Ryan Seacrest Dating In 2023? The Iconic Beauty That Is Aubrey Paige

Paige has a long history in the modeling business. She is listed as being represented by Genetics Model Management on her Instagram profile.

It was her first significant modeling contract with Dick’s Sporting Goods. Paige posted pictures to Facebook during the campaign in August 2021 with the statement, “It means a lot to me to work for a business with roots in Binghamton, New York, where I was born and raised.

Check it out in stores, on DSG.com, and in the DSG catalog.”

She utilizes Instagram as a platform to display all of her various personas through expert photography.

Seacrest First Met Aubrey Paige In 2021

The first time Seacrest and Paige were seen together was in May 2021 while they were celebrating Memorial Day in the Hamptons of New York.

Paige posted a rare photo of the two on Instagram towards the end of 2021 and wrote, “The most amazing thing that occurred to me in 2021 was without a doubt meet the most amazing man. Happy new year I wish you all the happiness, contentment, and health that you deserve in 2022.”


Before moving to Austin, the model was born and reared in Binghamton, New York. According to her LinkedIn page, Paige earned an A.A. in fashion marketing from Austin Community College in 2019.

Aubrey Paige Resides In Los Angeles

Shortly after completing her studies at Austin Community College, Paige moved to California.

She posted on Facebook that she would be returning to Los Angeles in May 2021. “And so, in my favorite city, a new age begins. After Covid, going back to LA wasn’t easy, but after a year of reflection and resetting later, here I am! My achievement was largely due to my fantastic parents.”

Aubrey Paige Was Raised In A Large Family

Paige has five siblings, including two sisters (Riley and Halley) and two brothers (Elliot and Ethan), according to her Instagram (Elliot and Ethan).

Paige wrote the following in an Instagram post from May 2022 that featured multiple images of her family: “Happy Mother’s Day to this legendary woman who raised our five children with a tonne of love, joy, and encouragement. I’m honored to be called your daughter, mum.”

Kelly Ripa Has Officially Approved of Her

Some of Seacrest’s friends appear to be behind Paige, especially Kelly Ripa, his Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host.

On one episode of the program, Ripa and Seacrest talked about Ripa’s first contact with Paige, which took place at Mark Consuelo’s birthday celebration. “The most exciting visitor that came,” as Ripa put it, was Paige.

We’re all happy you’re here, and that you exist, Kelly said, “because we weren’t sure there was anybody.” As a matter of fact, Seacrest remembered. Perhaps he doesn’t have a special person, and perhaps we should check in on him more frequently, we were beginning to think, Ripa said.

Then she made a joke about how, if Seacrest and Paige break up, she “will go into seclusion.”

That’s exactly what she said to her, Seacrest said. I replied, “That’s a compliment,” as my reaction. I adore her, Ripa said, adding, “I am quite fond of her.”

Aubrey Paige Enjoys Working Out

Simply looking at Paige’s social media accounts makes it clear that she places a high priority on fitness and wellness. The model’s Story has an entire Highlight devoted to “fitness,” which includes multiple Stories of her practicing healthy habits like working out and eating right.

She has also posted a number of workout videos and how-to articles to her TikTok account.

The radio host and the model like working out together. In August 2022, people in New York City witnessed the couple leaving the gym and heading home.

Aubrey Paige Is A Screenwriter

Paige has ambitions in the field of screenwriting in addition to modeling. She shared a picture of a script in March 2022, for instance, with the title covered by a pen but the words “Written by Aubrey Paige Petcosky, Based on Real Events” readily legible.

With Seacrest, Aubrey Paige Made Her Red Carpet Debut In 2022

Paige and Seacrest were first seen together in a public setting at the premiere of Jennifer Lopez’s documentary Halftime.

Is Ryan Seacrest Dating Source: People

The model was wearing a patterned one-shoulder gown as she walked behind Seacrest, who was wearing a striped navy suit jacket and grey pants. The LACMA 2022 Collectors Committee Gala in April was a missed opportunity for this pair to pose for photos.

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