Is Sara Haines Pregnant: Host of “The Chase” Has Previously Called Out Trolls

Is Sara Haines Pregnant: There has been a resurgence in interest in game and quiz programs, and ABC’s decision to bring back the program The Chase from 2013 seemed timely. Sara Haines is the host of the show during its current third season.

Sara, however, not only hosts The Chase, but she also serves as a co-host on The View. Simply put, she performs essentially double duty for ABC. And in her new role, she is receiving extensive airtime. Though this is encouraging, the public at large seems more interested in criticizing her physical appearance than in praising her for her talent and perseverance.

Recently, Sara, a mother of three, has been the target of online fat shaming. A few people have Googled “is Sara Haines pregnant?” in the past month. Here’s the lowdown on the problem, along with a statement from Sara explaining why nobody should be asking that.

Is Sara Haines Pregnant?

At the GLSEN Respect Awards on May 17, Sara posted a picture to Instagram that she had taken with television host Antoni Porowski. During the course of the event, the picture was captured. She looked really gorgeous in the blue dress and with her hair pushed up because she had done so.

In spite of this, one of Sara’s admirers made the assumption in the comments section that she could be having another kid due to the clothing illusion in the picture. However, it is totally ludicrous to base the idea that a woman is going to have a baby on the clothes that she is wearing at the time.

And this is not the first time that rumors of this type have surfaced about a celebrity based on their appearance; in fact, it happens rather frequently. Since Sara had not as of the time this article was published issued an official comment, it is advised to refrain from making any conclusions about what she may be up to until she does so.

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Sara Haines Biography

Originally from the United States, Sara Haines now resides in the United Kingdom. Co-hosting “The View,” “Strahan, Sara, and Keke,” and “The Chase” on ABC has brought Sara Haines a great deal of fame. Sarah Haines is an American citizen who was born on September 18, 1977, in the town of Newton, Iowa. As of right now, she’s 44 years old. She shares the Christian religion with the rest of us. Her birth date indicates that she is a Virgo.

Her parents are Sandy and Dick Haines. She is the youngest of four siblings. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in government from Smith College in 2000. Smith is located in Northampton, Massachusetts. Sara Haines got her start as a TV presenter in the NBC Page Program before landing a job in 2002 as the “Today” show’s production coordinator at Rockefeller Center for NBC. She joined the show in 2009 as a correspondent for its fourth hour and stayed on until 2013.


She began working for ABC News in 2013 as a journalist and as a weekend pop news presenter for “Good Morning America.” ABC stated on July 23, 2016, that she would not return to “The View” for season 22 and would instead co-host “GMA Day,” afterward renamed “Strahan and Sara.” However, she became a permanent co-host in the show’s 20th season, which started on September 6, 2016.

Her last program as a co-host was on the second to last show of the 21st season, which aired on August 2 of the following year. She first appeared on “GMA Day” on September 10, 2018, but in 2020, she returned as a regular guest co-host on “The View.” ABC’s “The Chase” will return in January 2021 with Haines as host, as confirmed in November 2020. The second episode of the Disney+ superhero series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” featured her in her own likeness.

The host of “The Chase” Has Previously Called Out Trolls

In the year 2020, Sara made it quite obvious that she does not like others making assumptions about her private life.

In June 2019, Sara became a mother for the third time. Due to the fact that she appeared to be pregnant, several internet trolls made the assumption that she was carrying a child in the month of March 2020. Sara hit back, She responded to their comments in a tweet by saying, “I’ve had three babies and I adore the way I look, tiny tummy bulge and all. It is inappropriate to inquire about a lady about her pregnancy status.

“It’s a sensitive subject, and you never know what kind of journey someone else is going through. When she continued, “It is also blatantly insulting someone’s physique when you imply that someone appears pregnant.”

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