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Is Selena Gomez Pregnant: Who is Selena Gomez Dating Now?

Is Selena Gomez Pregnant

Is Selena Gomez Pregnant

Fans of singer and actress Selena Gomez can’t get enough of hearing about the relationships she’s in. While speculation abounds, the truth must be sought out if we’re to make sense of her current predicament.

Is Selena Gomez Pregnant?

The 31-year-old was a major topic of conversation, but perhaps not for the reason you’d expect. Social media users who watched the MTV Video Music Awards in 2023 assumed that Selena Gomez was expecting a child.

Someone said, “Selena Gomez looked pregnant.”

“What the hell is wrong with Selena Gomez face, she don’t look like herself, is she pregnant or something?” said another.

I believed for a second that #SelenaGomez was pregnant during the VMAs, despite the fact that she looked absolutely stunning. “This is not a joke,” one supporter tweeted.

Another individual said, “You can clearly see Selena Gomez is pregnant.”

Fans Support the Singer to Debunk Rumors

Pregnancy rumors around Selena Gomez were widely discussed on Twitter. Singer’s followers were quick to disprove the claims and express their displeasure at the comments made regarding what they believe to be the singer’s natural figure.

“I knew people would say this because they think women have to have flat stomachs and think it’s okay to judge a woman’s body, but Selena Gomez is NOT pregnant. #VMAs,” one user said.

“No, Selena is not pregnant. The dress is very tight and she has a kidney in her belly,” another added.

Since Gomez has never confirmed rumors that she is pregnant, we may infer that this is not the case.

Who is Selena Gomez Dating?

Now let’s talk about Selena Gomez’s love life because her followers are definitely interested in it. Drew Taggart, one-half of the successful musical group The Chainsmokers, was linked to her in January 2023.

According to our sources, their connection was quite low-key and informal. They were seen having a great time together bowling and watching movies, and it was said that their dates were full of love and laughter.

In March of 2023, rumors surfaced that Selena Gomez was dating ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik. A TikTok user uploaded a discussion with a pal who claimed to have seen Zayn and Selena becoming friendly in a restaurant, fueling the rumors. It doesn’t help that Selena has lately begun following Zayn on Instagram.

On June 8, 2023, however, Selena Gomez responded to the claims with a humorous TikTok video.

Cozying up to soccer practice, she jokingly announced her single status to the participants, highlighting her rather picky character while assuring them of her ability to love. “The struggle man lol,” she captioned the photo, showing her enjoyment at the constant curiosity about her romantic life.

No formal confirmation on Selena Gomez’s current love partner has been made, despite these reports and amusing answers. The only way for Selena’s fans to find out who she is seeing is if she makes an official statement about it.

It is critical that Selena Gomez’s fans and the media give her space to make decisions about what she wants to communicate about her life. For the time being, however, we should continue to celebrate her tremendous skill and the great influence she has had on the entertainment business.

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