Is Selena Samuela Pregnant: is Selena Samuela Having a First Child, Son Torin James?

There is talk going around the internet that fitness instructors that “Is Selena Samuela Pregnant” and the idea has been circulating for quite some time. In addition to her work as an activist for the environment, Selena Samuela is an avid surfer, which is an activity that allows her to maintain the highest levels of positive energy.

We haven’t been able to determine how the rumor that she is pregnant spread around the internet because she is so preoccupied with her various projects and endeavors.

Is Selena Samuela Pregnant?

There is no proof on the internet to support the claim that Selena Samuela is now carrying a child. Therefore we can rule out the possibility that she is pregnant. She tied the knot with the man who would become the love of her life, Matt Virtue, with whom she had been in a relationship for several years before the two of them decided to get married and commit to spending the rest of their lives together.

They have been married for a relatively short period. Therefore it would appear that they have not made any preparations for starting a family or having children. No reliable source can confirm that she is expecting a child. Thus we do not know how the news about her pregnancy got out to the public in the first place.

The fact that she has not posted anything on her social media profile that is related to it provides further evidence that she will not become a mother in the near future. In addition, we can assume that individuals may have considered it a result of looking at her images, in which they may have seen that she had a relatively large stomach.

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Selena Samuela Has a First Child, Son Torin James

On Saturday, December 17, Selena Samuela, a peloton instructor, and her husband Matt Virtue became the proud parents of a son, whom the proud mother announced on Tuesday via Instagram.

“You guys, I created a human being! I swore I wouldn’t be that mom, but here we are, complete with a slideshow of pictures of my kid. “She accompanied some adorable baby photos with a commentary.

Is Selena Samuela Pregnant

“I am head over heels for @juniorfloyd27. Hello, everyone! Let me introduce you to Torin James Virtue, my tiny baby shark born on December 17, 2022, and is already primed and ready to shred.”

In June, Samuela posted an Instagram snapshot from a workout while recording a segment in which her silver leggings clung to her growing baby belly.

Selena Samuela Plastic Surgery Rumors

A Peloton instructor named Selena Samuela has been linked to rumors that she underwent plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. A lack of evidence, however, could lead to the story being taken at face value. Consequently, it’s not easy to tell if she’s had plastic surgery for aesthetic purposes.

The trainer might also be engaging; she probably got her trim, pleasant physique via years of hard work. Selena kept going to tryouts to earn a role, but she soon found that the fitness routine she’d established to hone her acting skills was taking up most of her time. She also signed up at Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn to train for a fight, and she eventually fought as a novice boxer.

How Much Is Selena Samuela Worth?

Selena Samuela may have amassed a sizeable fortune; our best estimate places her net worth between $400,000 and $600,000. In addition to her success as a boxing coach and fitness coach, her well-known affiliation with Peloton likely contributed significantly to her riches.

Like him, she dabbled in other fields, including acting after taking a theatre class in New York in 2010. She makes even more money as a model, and her career is flourishing.

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