Is Selling Sunset Scripted: Why The Rumors Are Circulating?

The fifth season of Selling Sunset is now available on Netflix, and The Oppenheim Group’s real estate agents are bringing us all the real estate drama we’ve been craving lately. The new series are sure to be explosive with the inclusion of British-Nigerian real estate expert Chelsea Lazkani and the return of Christine Quinn, Chrishell Stause, and Emma Hernan for the upcoming season of Selling Sunset.

The show’s most recent season has a lot to explain, from Chrishell and Jason’s friendship to Christine Quinn’s potential exit. But is everything real, or is it all staged? Christine’s most recent statements suggest that we might need to consider our options. We shall discuss whether selling Sunset is scripted in the sections below.

Is Sunset Selling Scripted?

Fans will recall that the main focus of season 2’s storyline was Mary Fitzgerald’s forthcoming nuptials to her then-boyfriend, Romain Bonnet. Mary contemplated canceling the entire event when her wedding venue fell through five weeks before the big day.

Selling Sunset, according to Jason Oppenheim, is not written. Nothing is recorded, and we are never given instructions on how to speak, he claimed to Metro in 2021.

Is Selling Sunset Scripted: Why The Rumors Are Circulating?

2019: “I’m divided between pushing it back and wondering, Why are we doing this,” Mary confided to the other agents in the office. “Romain and I frequently argue. I’d prefer not take action. But it turns out that before they began filming the show, the couple had already secretly wed through a civil union in March 2018. We only have this information about selling sunset scripted.

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Who Among Critics Are Criticizing ‘Selling Sunset’?

Chrissy Teigen claimed on Twitter that she and her real estate managers had “never seen any of these people” despite the fact that they “look at a lot of L.A. real estate” when season 3 first aired. The founder of Oppenheim Group, Jason Oppenheim, responded with a tweet that has since been deleted.

He wrote, “Chrisy, thanks for watching our show,” in August 2020. Regarding your agent knowing people on my team, I don’t know him either, but it doesn’t mean he isn’t effective and didn’t just sell you a lovely home in Weho (I genuinely adore your new home). Later, when people claimed the stories were made up, he would continue to defend the program.

In an interview with in November 2021, the real estate agent claimed that “nothing is written down, and we’re never told what to say.” “At most, we might be asked to wait to make sure we get everything on camera, but that’s not planned,” says the reporter. “If some things need to be taken care of or we’re meeting a client or something.”

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