Is Tom Selleck G@y: What Did He Say About It?

One of the most well-known performers of the 1980s, Tom Selleck continues to appear in well-liked TV series today. He has been accused of being g@y and of being against g@y people throughout his career, but neither accusation has much support.

People don’t perceive Tom Selleck as a lesbian. He has two marriages under his belt and has never made any comments that would lead you to believe he is not straight. These falsehoods were further circulated in the early 1990s thanks to a number of placards and the publications that republished them. Selleck filed a lawsuit against the newspaper, and they ultimately reached an unspecified out-of-court settlement.

Is Tom Selleck G@y: What Did He Say About It?

Tom Selleck is not g2y, although for various reasons, there have been moments when people have believed he is. Numerous magazines wrote about it about 1991, and Selleck even became upset over it.

When a local tabloid called The Globe published a story about Tom Selleck declaring he was g@y and made a huge deal out of it, the idea of him being g@y initially gained traction.

Tom Selleck initially took exception to being referred to as a “g@y” when he wasn’t. He said the following at the time:

“Look, saying you’re not g@y is not anti-g@y; at the time The Globe published the g@y story, I had already committed to my wife, who had just given birth to my daughter. The age of my (step)son is 29. This tabloid made the implication that I was living two lives. I draw the line at hurting other people, which is what it was.

Given that Tom Selleck had a wife and daughter who would be devastated by the concept that their husband and father were lying to them and the rest of the world, it is understandable why he reacted so angrily to being mistakenly labeled as a g@y when he wasn’t.

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He also had every right to claim that he wasn’t g@y because it’s just as wrong to claim that someone is straight after repeatedly declaring that they are g@y as it is to claim that they are g@y when they are straight.

What Is the Origin Of The Tom Selleck G@y Rumor?

One of the most well-known stars of the 1980s, Tom is still reluctant to quit the entertainment industry. When he portrayed private investigator Thomas Magnum in the hit TV series Magnum P.I., he was at the height of his fame. Although there isn’t much evidence to support the charges, he has been accused of being homophobic and gay throughout his acting career.

Sadly, the g@y suspicions began when articles in The Globe and other tabloids made suggestions that Tom is g@y. The actor’s sexual orientation was made known to the world in a 1991 article from The Globe. They might have questioned whether or not he was gay due to his “machismo” reputation.

What Is the Origin Of The Tom Selleck G@y Rumor?

In an effort to “out” renowned persons as g@y, a group of g@y activists called Outpost set up signs with their names all over New York. Sadly, there was a picture of Tom in the movement with the words “absolutely queer” on it.

Tom did not hesitate to sue The Globe for libel and invasion of privacy after they printed an article on the posters’ photographs with the headline “G@y Stars Stop Traffic” and refused to issue a retraction. In a speech, he asserted that he shared the same pride in his sexuality as gay people did.

The American actor also claimed in his lawsuit against the magazine that it had caused him “shame, mortification, hurt feelings, embarrassment, humiliation, and damage to his peace of mind.” Then, in 1991, they reached a settlement and The Globe apologized for publishing the piece with the following statement: “By publishing the article, the Globe did not intend to express or imply that Tom Selleck is or ever was a homosexual.”

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