Is Victoria Justice Pregnant: All Details Regarding The Rumor Of Her Pregnancy

Pregnancy rumors are frequent in rumors and chitchat about prominent persons. Victoria Justice, an actress and singer, has been the subject of recent pregnancy rumors. Fans and the media have both been speculating about the celebrity of the popular Nickelodeon show “Victorious” expecting a child.

Fans are intrigued as to what is actually happening because Victoria or her representatives haven’t made any official statements about it. So, Victoria Justice truly is pregnant? Let’s look and see what we can discover.

Is Victoria Justice Pregnant?

The spokesperson for the actress told a reporter, “I do not comment on her personal life,” so she hasn’t confirmed or denied anything. Following engagement rumors earlier this week, multiple articles regarding the alleged pregnancy have circulated online over the last day on message boards and other social media platforms.

Is Victoria Justice Pregnant?

We must now wait and see if the “baby belly” and the “high-profile wine-voidance” are the key clues that lead to the most celebrity baby news of the year.

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The actress best known for her appearance on the television series Victorious was observed on Thursday night (March 23, 2023) at a romantic dinner date close to her home with a visible tummy bulge. There is widespread speculation that she is having a child with a long-term partner.

A latest tweet from Victoria Justice enjoying her time on set:

Another source stated that she “TWICE made toasts… by drinking water instead of wine” and that it was “very rare” for her to “toast with anything other than a full glass of wine.” In case you didn’t know, pregnant ladies shouldn’t drink.

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