Jack Antonoff Net Worth 2022: Is He Engaged With Margaret Qualley?

American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer Jack Michael Antonoff. In addition to playing guitar and drums in the pop rock band Fun, Antonoff is the lead vocalist of the rock band Bleachers. Formerly, he was the Steel Train’s lead singer in the indie rock band.

Early Life

In Bergenfield, New Jersey, on March 31, 1984, Antonoff was born. He is the second of Shira (Wall) and Rick Antonoff’s three children. He is Rachel Antonoff’s younger brother, a fashion designer. When Antonoff was a senior in high school, Sarah, his younger sister, passed away from brain cancer at the age of 13. As Jack stated, “… my whole career has been revisiting that through a different lens,” the incident had a great impact on him.

He was raised in New Milford and Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, and went to Bergen County’s Solomon Schechter Day School for his elementary education. He commuted to Manhattan with his sister to attend the Professional Children’s School for high school.

In November 1998, when he was a sophomore in high school, he and a few of his elementary school pals founded the punk rock group Outline. In January 2000, they issued a self-titled EP via a friend’s record company, Lifetime Records.

Up until the beginning of 2000, Antonoff provided the group’s vocals before Eddie Wright took over. They recorded six songs with Wright’s addition, which were ultimately made available as the 6 Song Demo in the summer. Through Triple Crown Records, they issued the album A Boy Can Dream in July 2001. When they were 15 years old, Antonoff and his Outline bandmate utilized a DIY guide to schedule concerts in many states, including Florida and Texas, and they did so while traveling in Antonoff’s parents’ minivan.


Steel Train was founded in 2002 by Antonoff and his buddy Scott Irby-Ranniar; Matthias Gruber served as the band’s drummer. Antonoff was the lead singer. The group later persuaded Random Task bandmates Evan Winiker and Matthew Goldman to leave their respective colleges and join the new group. Drive-Thru Records signed a recording contract with Steel Train. Antonoff has claimed that he has carried over the grassroots mindset from the group’s success on the jam band festival circuit to his upcoming endeavors.

In 2008, Antonoff was asked to join Nate Ruess and Andrew Dost in their new band, which turned out to be fun. Antonoff had previously been the frontman of the Format. Due to the fact that their past bands had all toured together, Antonoff was already well-known with Ruess and Dost. The brand-new band’s first album, Aim, and Ignite, was made available in 2009.

“We Are Young,” from Fun’s second album Some Nights (2012), became the group’s first number-one smash song (featuring Janelle Monae). Antonoff collaborated on the song’s composition with Ruess, Dost, and Jeff Bhasker.

Then, in September 2013, at the iHeartRadio Music Festival at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, Fun performed alongside their musical idols, Queen. The practice, which Antonoff played on Brian May’s guitar, was the “most weird experience ever,” according to Antonoff. After that, the group issued a free six-song EP titled Before Shane Went to Bangkok: Fun Live in the USA in December 2013. Also, read About Jayson Williams

2014 saw Antonoff perform as Bleachers. In February 2014, Antonoff unveiled Bleachers as a solo endeavor.

Jack And Margaret
Jack And Margaret

The concept had been under contemplation for about ten years, according to Antonoff, and the name was influenced by the “disconnected, darker side” of suburban youth and John Hughes films, which were “linked to a time when big songs were great songs,” among other things. While on a Fun. global tour, Antonoff wrote the majority of the songs for the debut Bleachers album in hotel rooms on his laptop.

Collaboration With Taylor Swift

For the 2013 movie One Chance, Antonoff co-wrote and produced the song “Sweeter than Fiction” with American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. After Swift and Antonoff discovered their common love of a specific snare drum sound from a Fine Young Cannibals song, the song was created in Antonoff’s New York City apartment. Before beginning the songwriting process, they exchanged ideas via email.

Swift’s fifth studio album 1989 features three songs that she co-wrote and produced with Antonoff, including the single “Out of the Woods,” “I Wish You Would,” and the bonus track “You Are In Love.” After its October 2014 release, 1989 went on to become the year’s best-selling album in the United States. Swift reveals in a voice memo on the album’s deluxe edition that Antonoff’s smartphone recording of a guitar track is where the song “I Wish You Would” got its start.

When Swift first heard the song, she asked Antonoff if she might expand on the concept. After both songwriters were pleased with Swift’s contribution, the song finally became an album track. In 2016, Antonoff received a Grammy Award for Album of the Year for the recording.

Personal Life

Near the end of 2012, Antonoff initially left the house where he was raised and moved in with his sister Rachel on New York City’s Upper West Side. He then moved to Brooklyn Heights to live with Lena Dunham, with whom he was then dating. They divorced in January 2018. As of December 2019, he still calls the Brooklyn Heights apartment he and Dunham occupied, which includes his personal recording studio, home. Margaret Qualley, an actress, and Antonoff are engaged.

In public, Antonoff has discussed his battles with depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. He states that learning about other people’s struggles with depression helped him feel “far less terrified” and “not better, but not alone.” In addition to taking anti-anxiety drugs, Antonoff was seeing a therapist and a psychopharmacologist as of June 2014. He has a fear of germs, which was made worse by a case of pneumonia he had in 2011 while working on a studio album with his band Fun.

Jack Antonoff Net Worth

Jack Antonoff Net Worth is estimated to be around $25 Million in 2022. Red Hearse, a brand-new musical endeavor by Antonoff alongside Sam Dew and Sounwave, received a preview on June 26, 2019. Two tracks, “Red Hearse” and “Honey,” which were released as teasers for the project, were released. Red Hearse performed “Half Love” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on July 22, 2019, marking their television debut. RCA Records distributed its self-titled debut studio album on August 16, 2019.

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