Jamie Campbell Bower On Playing Vecna In ‘Stranger Things’

Jamie Campbell Bower On Playing Vecna In ‘Stranger Things’ “Stranger Things” Season 4’s villain is Henry/One/Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) (and likely 5). The actor, on the other hand, doesn’t see it that way. Bower, on the other hand, regards the character as the most relatable.

According to Variety, he was brought up in an environment where his father was ordered to kill a civilian and his family on the orders of individuals he had never met. To whom do they look upstanding?” “I’m still enraged by it,” I respond.

Despite Bower’s belief that “there was a lot of humanity there,” he was left with just “anger and bitterness” when he was taken into the Upside Down by Eleven.

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Aside from the things he may have had, “she takes it everything away from him,” he says. That is a slap in the face. That’s not all it is — it’s feeding hatred. It irritates me greatly. “It’s a huge pain in the neck.”

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Something concerning Vecna and the Upside Down needs to be clarified for me. Is it Eleven’s creation, or was she the one who opened the gate? ‘All I needed was someone to open the door,’ he says to her.

Yes, of course. The Mind Flayer was not created by her, but by him. What I’m getting at is, would the Upside Down have been discovered had it not been for Eleven? The split between the two universes is something El does, even if we don’t see her develop this region. Get in touch with Matt and Ross Duffer!

How Did One Go From Being Brenner’s Favorite Child To A Staff Member In The Rainbow Room?

In my mind, Brenner had been conducting similar experiments on One as he had done with the other numbers, and that one day or over a period of time, One continued to both behave badly and also kill people and manipulate his physical world as it were — so much so that Brenner had to suppress him using this thing that he puts in his neck. While working on Vol. 1’s Henry and Brenner storyline, I kept hearing the phrase, “Papa, please! Please! Please! Please!” Papa, I beg of you, do not forget! I beg of you, Papa,” he said. Since Brenner had tried to keep Henry with his powers and raise him and influence him for several years, this was my presumption. In Chapter 9, he discusses this topic in detail. He didn’t want to learn about him, he just wanted to manage him. He only cares about having control. That’s the conclusion I came to.

How Did One Go From Being Brenner's Favorite Child To A Staff Member In The Rainbow Room
How Did One Go From Being Brenner’s Favorite Child To A Staff Member In The Rainbow Room

Even though Henry had been killing people before he met Papa, Eleven convinced Vecna that Papa was the monster. No, I don’t believe Henry ever had a chance to succeed. What has remained of his humanity after he became Vecna, and how long did it last?

Of course, it has a higher degree of humanity than any other. While growing up, his father carried out the murder of a civilian family at the behest of people he had never met but who presented themselves as upstanding citizens to him. How do they appear to others? Since then, I’ve been infuriated. What happened to all that humanity? When El puts him into the Upside Down, all he’s left with is this bitterness and anger, which makes it even more difficult for him to recover. It is as though she robs him of everything that he might have ever dreamed of having. That is a slap in the face. That’s not all it is — it’s feeding hatred. It irritates me greatly. It’s a major annoyance.

In spite of his current circumstances, I believe there is a level of humanity about him that I can identify with. We can all do it. I think he’s in a consuming state because he’s been holding on to things for too long, and I think that’s where he’s ended up. That could be a lie. I don’t know why, but I like it.

Is It Possible To See Him As A Villain From The Perspective Of The Actor Portraying Him?

Is it possible for me to see him as a bad guy? I can clearly see him as a source of conflict in my mind. Is he a villain or an evil person? Because I know him and he knows me. And I can identify with him, too. As I was saying that, my eyes started to hurt, so I might as well stop talking! I’m always going to be on his side because I understand him.

We’d already discussed how daunting this task was. No, I don’t think that’s the case.

No, I’m enthralled. Having the time of my life right now In October, I’ll be shooting another film. Reading and writing are two of my most frequent pastimes. This summer, I deliberately took some time off to relax and surf. Slowing down or stopping is the last thing on my mind. I’m actually enjoying my current work-life balance, which is excellent. To be honest, this is a labor of love that has taken many years to complete. However, it’s something you learn over time – the best way to live and work together harmoniously.

It’s become a matter of picking and choosing the things that give me a certain amount of energy. In the event that I receive an email, phone call, or doorbell notification that actually excites and motivates me, I’m going to take action. That sensation is what I’m searching for. Reminding myself not to pursue anything other than that emotion has helped me avoid making the same mistake twice already. And it’s when I’m chasing after those things that I’m most depleted of energy. In contrast, when I’m pursuing things that excite me, I’m all in.

Because Will can feel him, we know that Vecna is still alive. Have you spoken with the Duffer Brothers about what he plans to accomplish next season?

“I don’t know.” This place is a haven for Matt and Ross to hang out and do their own thing. I’m sure they’ll bring it up when the time is right.. So we’ll have to wait and see. For sure, we’ll watch to see what they have in store.

But you’ll return, right?

I’m not sure I could answer that.

What do you know about the show’s conclusion?

Not according to me!

This is a trimmed-down version of the original interview.

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