Jen Hatmaker Divorce: Why She Took Divorce With Her Husband?

What led Jen Hatmaker to divorce her husband and embark on a new life? The well-known American author announced her separation from her ex-husband in the year 2020. Learn more about the television show’s host’s personal life and the divorce from her husband.

Who Is Jen Hatmaker?

American author, speaker, blogger, and television host Jennifer Lynn Hatmaker (born in 1974) is also a presenter on television. She has been highlighted in the magazine Christianity Today. She and her former husband Brandon co-host the HGTV show Your Big Family Renovation, which is also watched by their five kids. “For the Love,” her only New York Times best-selling novel, is available.

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Jen Hatmaker is a successful book writer. Several of the works written by Jen Hatmaker have received excellent reviews. Three of her books have been cited by The New York Times as bestsellers: For the Love, Of Mess and Moxie, and Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire. She founded the Jen Hatmaker Book Club, a gathering place for women who enjoy reading and telling stories. There, they may hear her give lectures.

In addition, Jen is on the well-known podcast “For the Love Podcast host,” where she covers a wide range of topics. She travels to many American cities and villages to give presentations and talks on a range of topics, including Christianity.

Jen recently discussed how challenging her life has been on her show. The next paragraphs provide information about the author’s current job, her marriage, and other aspects of her personal life.

Hatmaker wed Brandon Hatmaker in 1993. Two of their five children were adopted. Hatmaker announced on her social media channels in September 2020 that she and Brandon were divorcing, describing it as “totally unexpected.”

Who is Brandon Hatmaker?

Brandon Hatmaker is the pastor and author born in Colorado, the United States, on July 25, 1972. How old is Brandon, then? Although Brandon Hatmaker is 49 years old, he turned 50 in July 2022. He spent the majority of his life in Colorado with his siblings, the son of a pastor.

He is the ex-husband of Jen Hatmaker. Five children total have been born to the couple since their 1993 wedding. Along with Legacy Collective, a community charity that seeks to find sustainable housing, eliminate child trafficking, and offer health care, they also formed the Austin New Church in Austin, Texas. After several years of marriage, the pair divorced in August 2020. Jen had also written a touching piece honoring her marriage to Brandon and the days they had spent together just ten weeks prior to making the breakup public.

Regarding his education, Hatmaker attended Oklahoma Baptist University following his secondary education and earned a Bachelor of Arts in 1995. Brandon enjoys riding fast motorcycles and driving fast automobiles in addition to loving dogs. He once published a photo of himself and his son riding motorcycles side by side. However, when Brandon Hatmaker fell from his bike one day, some of his followers were unprepared for the news of the disaster. Nevertheless, he avoided any injury thanks to his helmet.

In Austin, Texas, pastor Brandon Hatmaker was a founding member of the Austin New Church. Similar to this, he formed The Legacy Collective and serves as its managing partner after spending more than 20 years working for an NGO. The community foundation seeks to provide health care, prevent child trafficking, and locate sustainable homes.

The pastor is also a published author, having written three books: A Mile Wide, The Justice Primer: An 8-Week Guide To Social Impact, and Barefoot Church: Serving The Least In A Consumer Culture. He has also appeared on the television program The Bachelorette.

Why Did Jen Hatmaker Divorce Her Husband?

Jen Hatmaker filed for divorce from her then-husband, Brandon Hatmaker, in the year 2020. She appeared in the 2014 reality television program “Your Big Family Renovation” with her husband and their three kids. The public’s response to the divorce’s causes is one of confusion and astonishment.

Beth, Ben, Gavin, Remy, and Caleb are the names of their five kids, respectively. Jen expressed her annoyance with her former lover on Instagram by saying that she was “shocked, grief-stricken, and broken-hearted.”

The reasons for Jen and Brandon’s decision to divorce have not been made public. The reason for Jen and Brandon’s divorce remains a secret.

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