Japan Prime Minister Fumio Kishida Was Evacuated After What Seems To Be A Smoke Bomb Was Thrown

Fumio Kishida, the prime minister of Japan, was unharmed while leaving a public function after what appeared to be a smoke bomb was hurled in his direction.

Local media said that a guy was apprehended on the spot in Wakayama, where Mr. Kishida was scheduled to deliver a speech.

One eyewitness claimed to have seen someone toss something, which was followed by smoke, while another claimed to have heard a loud noise. There were no reported injuries.

In a video, it could be seen that police were surrounding a suspect.

Ryuji Kimura, 24, was apprehended on suspicion of obstructing commerce and later identified by the authorities. His intentions are still a mystery.

According to Mr. Kishida, there was a “loud blast” at the location, according to the public broadcaster of Japan, NHK. “I apologize for worrying so many people and causing them trouble. Police are looking into the details.”

In video that NHK aired, it appears as though large groups of people are fleeing the site.

A man is seen being swarmed by individuals, who then hold him down and carry him away in the video.

When the object was hurled, Mr. Kishida had just begun to speak after touring the Wakayama fishing harbor for a campaign event. He immediately took cover.

After the incident, Mr. Kishida spoke to a gathering in another area and urged them not to let it affect the election.

I was shocked, a witness at the scene told NHK. My heart continues to beat quickly.

When someone claimed to have seen something flying in the air, they claimed it gave them “a bad feeling, so we ran away incredibly fast.”

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Then, a really loud noise was heard. My daughter cried over it, they continued.

Another eyewitness told NHK that as soon as it was reported that an explosive had been thrown, the crowd started to scatter in fear before the blast was audible.

A member of Mr. Kishida’s Liberal Democratic Party named Hiroshi Moriyama expressed concern that such an incident occurred during an election campaign, which is the cornerstone of democracy. It is a heinous atrocity.

In Japan, violent crimes are incredibly uncommon. However, following the shooting death of former prime minister Shinzo Abe last year while out campaigning, there is anxiety regarding security around politicians.

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