Jeffrey Dahmer Death In Prison: How The Serial Killer Died Inside The Prison?

After its September 21, 2022, debut, The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, featuring Evan Peters as infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, soon became the most popular Netflix original. Despite criticism from the relatives of Dahmer’s victims who were not informed about the show before it was made public, both the TV series and Peters’ portrayal have won accolades.

The 10-episode series explores the killings committed by Dahmer while he resided at Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Oxford Apartments. Along with his imprisonment and demise, the program also examines Dahmer’s connection with his parents, Shari and Lionel. Here, we examine Jeffrey Dahmer’s final days in jail and his manner of passing.

Who Was Jeffrey Dahmer?

Born on May 21, 1960, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was an American serial killer and s*x offender who murdered and dismembered seventeen men and boys between 1978 and 1991. He was also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal or the Milwaukee Monster. His later killings frequently entailed cannibalism, necrophilia, and the permanent retention of body parts, usually the entire or portion of the skeleton.

Jaffrey Dahmer was ruled to be legally sane at his trial despite having been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, and a psychotic disorder. On February 17, 1992, he was given a sentence of fifteen periods of life in prison for the sixteen murders he had committed in Wisconsin and was found guilty of fifteen of them. Dahmer was later given a life sentence for the sixteenth time for a second murder he committed in Ohio in 1978.

Jeffrey Dahmer

Murder By Jeffrey Dahmer

Three weeks after graduating in 1978, Dahmer committed his first murder. On June 18, Dahmer picked up Steven Mark Hicks, a nearly 19-year-old hitchhiker. Under the guise of drinking, Dahmer enticed the young person to his home. Hicks consented to go with Dahmer to his house in exchange for “a couple of beers” as Dahmer had the house to himself and had gone hitchhiking to a rock concert at Chippewa Lake Park, Ohio.

Dahmer claimed that when he saw Hicks standing by the side of the road with his chest exposed, it made him feel attracted to him s*xually. However, when Hicks started talking about girls, he realized that any advances would be rejected.

Hicks “wanted to leave and I didn’t want him to leave” after spending a number of hours conversing, drinking, and enjoying music.

Hicks was struck by Dahmer with a 10-pound (4.5 kg) dumbbell. He later claimed that when Hicks was seated in a chair, he attacked him twice from behind with the dumbbell. When Hicks lost consciousness, Dahmer strangled him with the dumbbell’s bar. He then removed Hicks from his clothes, raked his chest with his hands, and mast*rbated above the body.

What was the punishment for Jeffrey Dahmer?

After being found guilty of 15 murders, Dahmer was given a sentence of 15 consecutive lives in prison, which translates to 941 years. Before his death, he had been imprisoned for three years and four months at the Columbia Correctional Facility in Wisconsin. Also, read about Jose Fernandez

Conflict characterized Dahmer’s brief prison stay. He was kept in protective custody with little contact with other inmates, however, after his first year, he was allowed to participate in classes, work projects, and eat meals alongside them. Dahmer would make jokes about eating other people, transforming food into body parts, and turning ketchup into “blood” while mocking the guards and other prisoners by biting them. Roy Ratcliff, a prison chaplain, recalled seeing a flyer for a Cannibals Anonymous Meeting on Dahmer’s wall.

When did Jeffery Dahmer pass away?

On November 28, 1994, Dahmer was put to death. His final days were spent speaking with Herman Martin, a prisoner whose cell was next to Dahmer’s. Later, Martin published a book that garnered unfavorable reviews. While the three of them were cleaning the prison gym, Christopher Scarver shot and killed Jesse Anderson and Jeffrey Dahmer. In Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Scarver—played by Furly Mac—beat Dahmer to death with a weight bar before killing Anderson.

Because Anderson stabbed his wife, he was in jail. He committed his crime and then attempted suicide by stabbing himself, but he was saved. Anderson fabricated bogus evidence to provide the police and laid the blame for the stabbing on two young Black youths. 139 years prior to Dahmer’s conviction in 1992, Wisconsin abolished the death sentence in 1853. Dahmer was not considering the death penalty, despite the fact that the serial killer had expressed in court that he wanted it.

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