Jensen Huang Net Worth: A Look Into His Nvidia Stock Holdings

Electrical engineer and millionaire businessman Jensen Huang is of Taiwanese and American descent. So, what is Jensen Huang Net Worth? Continue reading to know about it.

Jensen Huang Net Worth

Jensen Huang has a $38 billion net worth. As the co-founder and CEO of the technology giant Nvidia Corporation, which creates GPUs, APIs, and SoCs among other hardware and software, Jensen Huang made his fortune.

Jensen’s net worth increased between 2016 and 2023 from about $3 billion to as high as $30 billion at the end of 2021, then decreased to $10 billion before increasing to $20 billion. On the charitable front, Huang has generously supported his alma maters Stanford University and Oregon State University.

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Jensen Huang’s Holdings Of Nvidia Stock

As of this writing, Jensen Huang owns 3% of all the shares of Nvidia that are currently trading. In addition, he owns 3 million extra vested restricted stock units.

Nvidia Corporation Of Jensen Huang

Together with Chris Malachowsky, a former Sun Microsystems developer, and Curtis Priem, a former Sun and IBM senior staff engineer, Huang co-founded the technology startup Nvidia in 1993. The three individuals understood that video games were the future of that industry and that the next wave of computing should be graphics-based.

Nvidia Corporation Of Jensen Huang

With the introduction of the RIVA TNT, a graphics accelerator processor for PCs, in 1998, Nvidia further cemented its position as the market leader in graphics adapters. The GeForce 256, which was released by Nvidia the year after, gave consumer-grade 3D hardware on-board lighting and morphing.

That year, the business also went public. In the following years, Nvidia made a number of significant acquisitions, buying businesses like 3dfx, Exluna, MediaQ, iReady, ULI Electronics, Hybrid Graphics, and Ageia.

The professional line of GPUs from Nvidia is very well-known and used in a variety of industries, including engineering, architecture, entertainment media, manufacturing, and scientific research. The business also develops the CUDA API, which makes it easier to build GPU-based massively parallel programs.

They are employed globally in supercomputing. Nvidia has grown significantly into mobile computing, including mobile CPUs for smartphones and tablets as well as automotive navigation systems. It has also expanded its position in the gaming sector by developing portable consoles like the Shield Portable and the online gaming platform GeForce Now. Another company that has developed become a leader in AI is Nvidia.

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