Jim Irsay Net Worth 2022: Why He Wants To Remove Washington Commanders Owner Dan Snyder?

James “Jim” Irsay, an American businessman, was born on June 13, 1959. He is best known as the owner and CEO of the National Football League’s Indianapolis Colts (NFL).

Robert Irsay, Jim Irsay’s father, amassed an estimated wealth of over $150 million through prosperous heating and cooling businesses.

Early Life

Irsay was born in Lincolnwood, Illinois, the son of Chicago businessman Robert Irsay and Harriet. His mother was the daughter of Polish Catholic immigrants, and his father came from a Hungarian Jewish family. Irsay was brought up as a Catholic and was only told when he was fourteen about his father’s Jewish ancestry. Jim’s sister Roberta passed away in a vehicle accident in 1971, and his brother Thomas Irsay, who had a mental handicap from birth, passed away in 1999.

Irsay completed his high school education at Mercersburg Academy in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania in 1978 and at Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Illinois, a suburb to the north of Chicago. He attended Southern Methodist University after high school and earned a broadcast journalism degree there in 1982. Irsay joined the SMU Mustangs football team as a walk-on and started playing linebacker, but his playing career was cut short by an ankle injury.


Robert Irsay purchased the Baltimore Colts at the age of 12 after initially owning the Los Angeles Rams and trading franchises with Colts owner Carroll Rosenbloom. He joined the Colts’ professional staff in 1982, following his graduation from SMU. 1984 saw the Colts move from Baltimore to Indianapolis, and a month later he was named vice president and general manager.

In April 1996, Jim took over daily operations as Senior Executive Vice President, General Manager, and Chief Operating Officer following his father’s stroke in 1995. When losing a legal struggle with his stepmother over team ownership after his father passed away in 1997, Jim went on to become the NFL’s youngest franchise owner at the age of 37.

Irsay actively opposed a group that included talk show star Rush Limbaugh from acquiring the St. Louis Rams in 2009. At a conference of NFL owners, Irsay declared, “I, myself, couldn’t even imagine voting for him.” “When comments have been made that are improper, inflammatory, and insensitive… our words do damage, and it’s something we don’t need,” Limbaugh said in reference to remarks he made about Donovan McNabb in 2003 while working as an NFL commentator for ESPN. Irsay has given political support to Harry Reid and John Edwards.

Personal Life

Carlie, Casey, and Kalen are the couple’s three daughters; Irsay married Meg Coyle in 1980. Meg filed for divorce on November 21, 2013, following a separation that began in 2003. Also, read about Troy Aikman

Irsay was detained on March 16, 2014, in Carmel, Indiana, on accusations of DUI and drug possession. Bob Kravitz, a sports columnist for The Indianapolis Star, said that Irsay had a persistent drug problem. This was made clear when it turned out that Irsay’s mistress, Kimberly Wundrum, had overdosed and her away in a home that he had infamously bought using money from the Indianapolis Colts.

Jim Irsay

While Irsay was in treatment, his daughter Carlie took over the day-to-day management of the Colts. Irsay received a six-game NFL suspension and a $500,000 fine on September 2, 2014, just days after pleading guilty to OWI and receiving a one-year probationary period. In the Parks and Recreation episodes “Two Parties” and “Fluoride,” Irsay made an appearance playing himself.

Notable Collections

Irsay has made considerable investments in music and collectibles other than football. For $2.43 million, Irsay paid for the original manuscript of On the Road, often known as “the scroll,” which is a continuous scroll made up of tracing paper sheets that Jack Kerouac had cut to size and taped together. He paid $2.4 million at auction on May 5, 2018, for an original printing of the 1939 book Alcoholics Anonymous that has annotations penned by the author and co-founder of AA, Bill Wilson.

Irsay has acquired guitars that belonged to famous musicians like Elvis Presley, George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Jerry Garcia (“Tiger”), Prince, and Les Paul’s 1954 Black Beauty. Also, read about Dwyane Wade

His acquisitions have broken records: in 2014, he paid just under $1 million for the electric guitar Bob Dylan played at Newport, and in 2017, he spent $2.2 million on a Ludwig drum kit that belonged to Ringo Starr. A guitar known as The Black Strat that was originally owned by Pink Floyd musician David Gilmour was purchased by Irsay on June 20, 2019, for a record-breaking $3.975 million.

Removal Of Washington Commanders Owner Dan Snyder?

Jim Irsay, the owner of the Colts, claims that Dan Snyder should be fired as the owner of the Washington Commanders because there is “reason to remove” him from that position. He is the first NFL owner to publicly make such a claim.

Since there have been numerous scandals and investigations into workplace behavior in Washington, there has been much discussion about Snyder’s status. The league is looking into claims of sexual misbehavior and financial irregularities; Mary Jo White, an attorney, is leading the investigation.

It would be extraordinary to fire Snyder, and doing so required the support of 24 other owners.

Jim Irsay Net Worth

Jim Irsay Net Worth is estimated to be around $3.4 Billion in 2022. Kurt Cobain’s 1969 Fender Mustang, which he used in the music video for “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” was purchased by Irsay on May 23, 2022, for a record-breaking $4.6 million. After a two-hour bidding war on July 25, 2022, Irsay paid $6.18 million for Muhammad Ali’s “Rumble In The Jungle” title belt.

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